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Missiles of Divine Love

Every day we as a human species face the stark reality of living life in a modern age. Even though man's inhumanity to man is not a new problem, today's technology and ability to destroy life on a large scale is unprecidented. Sometimes it is easy to feel discouraged. We do our spiritual practice. We pray for peace. We are kind to our fellow man. But the world is not always so forgiving.

Last week the news was filled with images of what was deemed to be a "spy balloon." The week before that, back-to-back mass shootings filled our hearts with grief and loss.

Over the weekend, hubby and I were sitting in a hotel lobby having breakfast, and a man began screaming in a foreign language what I could only assume were obscenities towards "Americans" (the only word I understood.) Since my back was turned to him, I calmly closed my eyes and sent my awareness up to the Creator, joined with the energy of Divine Love, and created a beam of Light which I then directed towards him. He quieted down almost immediately.

Divine Love is not immediately the first thing we think of when we think about "weapons." Normally, the word illicits images of death and destruction. But I suggest we change that narrative!

We are all aspects of the Divine living in a human form. Some of us are aware, but most of us have forgotten. Yes, even the man expressing his angst towards a society he has come to believe is the enemy has that spark of the Divine within him. But he has forgotten. The Light that resides within him has been coated with the stress of living in an age of fear, faulty beliefs, anger and shame. When I sent him the missile of Divine Love, I was just reminding him of who he was.

A bit later, hubby and I decided to go to the hotel fitness room. I began my trek on the treadmill. Those of you who know me may remember that one of the easiest ways I am able to connect to Spirit and receive messages is while I am exercising. Any repetitive activity has the effect of bringing on the Alpha state of consciousness where connection to the realm of the spirit world is easily accessed.

Every day, I have a list of people to whom I send the energy of the Divine. In Reiki, this is called a healing stack, but you don't have to be a Reiki practitioner to do this! I have altered the technique a little and this is how I do it!

I create an energetic bubble in my inner awareness filled with the colors of Divine Light. I infuse this bubble with Divine Love, LIght, Healing, and Peace. I imagine the colors of Divine Healing entering the bubble and creating this beautiful energy. When I have created the bubble, I begin to send the names of people who have either requested healing energy from me or who I have added on my own, with the understanding that they are free to accept or reject the experience.

One by one, I say their name either out loud, or in this case, inside myself, since I am in a public place (wink wink.) One by one, I visualize their name or their face being dunked into the energy bubble. The bubble does not get depleted or filled with energetic gunk. "Gunk" that is not a vibrational match to Divine Love just immediately dissipates or is removed by the Angels.

After I completed my list of recipients, I decided to create a beam of Divine Love that appeared to me as a "missile" being sent up to the Chinese balloon. I removed my own thoughts about the balloon, whether or not I thought it was a threat. I sent the beam of Divine Love with the intention that it completely encircle the balloon with Divine Love and neutralize any non-beneficial aspects of the balloon. I created the image of mirrors facing inward towards the balloons so that it experienced only a reflection of its own energy.

A couple of hours later the balloon was shot down over the ocean.

A skeptic would argue that was going to happen anyway.


Perhaps also the guy in the hotel lobby would have quieted down on his own anyway.

I say, does it matter?

The energy of Divine Love is powerful and always does what is in the highest good of the recipients.

After I encompassed the balloon with Divine Love, I decided to take it a step further and send the energy of Divine Love to all weapons whose intentions were that of harm. I encompassed the weapons and their owners with Divine Love so that any aspects of the weapons that were destructive or harmful would be neutralized.

No matter which side of the argument over gun regulation you stand on, I think we all can agree that many weapons are intended for harm. Encompassing those weapons and their owners with the energy of Divine Love certainly can't hurt anything.

If you engage in any kind of spiritual practice, you can do this!

  • Close your eyes. Look inside you for the light that is your soul.

  • From that light inside you, send a beam of light to the Creator.

  • Join your light with the light of the Creator and create a beam of Divine Love.

  • Direct that beam of Divine Love to whomever or whatever could benefit.

  • If you don't have permission from someone to send them this energy, ask that it be sent with the permission of their soul. If their soul rejects it, may it come back to you or go to some other target which will receive it.

  • Feel free to do the bubble of Divine Love also, creating a bubble filled with the energy of the Divine. Then send names of people or situations which could benefit from the experience.

  • We can all benefit!!

  • Make sure that you keep your own opinions or desires out of the intention.

  • Send to both victims and perpetrators. No one is excluded.

During these tumultuous times, we who are of the Light have a job to do! We can be emisaries of the energy of Divine Love. We can shine the frequency of Divine Love from inside us where our soul resides and is connected to the Creator, or we can send it by creating a beam as previously described.

We can imagine this Light going down through our feet into the Earth and to all the places where our feet travel. We can imagine it beaming out of us wherever we find ourselves.

We are the Light.

We are connected to the Light.

All is Love.


Thank you for your part of being a beacon of Light. You are very loved and very needed during these tumultuous times!

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