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Healing Yourself with Light

If you follow me on social media, you must be aware that my new book, Sacred Path to Wellness, actually came earlier than anticipated, as babies sometimes do, due to Amazon sharing it live and my observation that it was doing quite well despite my announcement that it was not due until March 7.

Imagine my excitement when it showed up as a #1 new release several days before its launch date, and a #4 best seller in one of Amazon's categories! I was super excited and still am beyond amazed at its spectacular arrival! Today is hitting a #7 best seller in one of the categories on Amazon and that is still pretty good! (I am not surprised these 7s keep showing up.)

In honor of its arrival, I thought this week I would share an except from the book.

This excerpt comes from Chapter 14, Healing Yourself with Light and Sound.

I hope you enjoy and will consider making Sacred Path to Wellness a part of your own personal library!

Healing With Light

One of the first methods I used in self-healing I actually taught myself, or I should say, was given to me by my guides, although I would not have admitted to having guides at the time. I was still very much engaged in my born-again Christian beliefs, and therefore the only healer was Jesus or the Holy Spirit. So technically it is possible this healing method was given to me by Jesus.

In my late twenties I injured my back working for the Post Office, and every so often, I would have an episode of disc injuries. Subsequent MRIs would reveal disc abnormalities and subsequent arthritis which, according to my chiropractor, should have created significant continuous pain.

Early on, I would frequently find myself in the bed for days, only rolling out of bed to crawl to the bathroom on my hands and knees. During those hours, I would meditate, read a variety of spiritual books and journal about my life.

One day I was laying in the bed and I was instructed to visualize tiny balls of light and send them into my back. Sometimes they just looked like white light, and I would see them going into my back and reforming my nerves and discs. Sometimes they looked like cotton candy, and I would observe them going in between the discs that were rubbing against one another and forming a sort of cushion in between the discs. Some days they appeared as tiny little Pac-Mans* eating away at the pain.

In other chapters I discuss the correlation between emotions, beliefs and physical pain, and how certain body parts often present with physical complaints due to stress related to the chakra where the pain is located. Here I let you in on the secret of how I nearly completely eliminated the pain!

I began to notice that the pain in my back began to heal more quickly. I went from two weeks in bed to one week, to a few days, to a day, and now, I only occasionally feel a twinge in my back which I am usually able to heal in hours, and sometimes minutes!

I have healed the emotional triggers which created the pain in the first place. I have eliminated the toxic relationship which created ongoing stress about money and survival. And now I use light and visualization to eliminate pain!

My last MRI over ten years ago revealed that nothing had really changed physically. My doctors seemed amazed that I am rarely in pain.

More recently, a knee injury debilitated me for quite a bit longer. Truthfully, I had forgotten about the little Pac-Mans and the light visualization! However, I did eventually remember, and despite my doctor telling me I would need frequent injections and a possible second surgery, most of the time I forget about the injury completely.

Now I have an almost daily ritual of bathing myself with Light.

The Benevolent Helpers use Divine Light and Sound to remind our souls and our physical bodies of who we are! By connecting to the Light of our Souls and the Light Beings, whatever you want to call them, you can shift your physical, mental, emotional and spiritual bodies to a more highly evolved version of yourself, and you can use this technique on others as well!

By using your skills at visualization, you can create a lovely healing experience where you go regularly and receive Divine Light injections or showers or however you want to experience it!

In the book Healing Yourself with Light* by LaUna Huffines, there are a number of meditations where you create a healing temple complete with various rooms of healing with light, color, sound, and stillness. You connect with the light of your soul and what she calls your Solar Angel. I won’t repeat what she has written, but in your visualizations or spiritual journeys, simply imagine taking a shower from the Light of the Creator which showers down on you from Above.

You can do what I did and create forms that cushion your bones or eat away at the pain.

You can imagine all of the cells in your body being infused with various colors of Divine Light.

Exercise: Healing with Light

Get into a meditative state. Relax your body and close your eyes.

Sit for a moment in silence.

Imagine the light of your soul inside of your body.

Feel the love coming from your soul.

Send a beam of light from the light of your soul down into Mother Earth and connect with the soul of the Earth Mother. Bring your awareness back up into your soul’s light, while remaining connected to her.

Now send a beam of light from your soul up into the heavens, where the Creator resides. Feel the Light of the Creator joining with the light of your soul.

Imagine that all of the cells in your body are being infused with the Light of the Creator. You may see a variety of colors or you may only see white. Every color has its own healing vibration, so allow whatever colors show up to do their work. You may decide to go through all of the varieties of colors one by one, allowing that particular color to do its work, or you may intuitively be led to a particular color or sequence of colors.

There are no “bad” colors.

You can be creative and visualize the color coming into your body in a variety of ways. Allow your Guides and your higher self to lead the way.

Stay with this experience as long as you feel led.


*Healing Yourself with Light – How to Connect with the Angelic Healers by LaUna Huffines, copyright 1995 by H J Kramer in a joint venture with New World Library


I hope you enjoyed this excerpt from my new book, Sacred Path to Wellness!

You can find out more about what you may expect from this book,

I would love to connect with you!

I post a daily message on social media, a weekly blog, host a variety of events, some free and some not, and do private sessions at my home in Winchester Virginia as well as by phone and Zoom!

You can check out all these things

Thanks for your support and interest in my work!


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