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When a Message Doesn't Ring a Bell

Have you ever had a message from an intuitive that did not seem to resonate at the time of the reading? Hold on! This does not mean the messenger was wrong!

As a spiritual intuitive, I will admit that sometimes the messages that come through puzzle the person I am "reading". I always ask the people on the other side or the Guides to present information that the client can verify, so that they know the message is legitimate. Obviously, it would be pointless to ONLY hear information you already know, but some evidential information is always helpful to ease any worries or doubts of the clients so that they know they are truly hearing from the Spirit world.

In a recent session with a client, her grandfather came through. Immediately he showed me the pain in his back which was an old injury and not specifically the cause of death and pressure around his chest with difficulty breathing. She verified that he had passed of Covid, and while in the hospital often complained of back pain. They would try to move him around to ease the pain, but it was difficult with all the other apparatus.

However, some of the messages he gave her did not immediately ring a bell with her. He mentioned white flowers, which seemed to me to be lillies but I was not sure about the variety. He stressed that a family member needed to check the oil in their car. I felt like it was the client's mother, but was sure it was some member of the family. He said in life he was the one who always took care of those things, which she could agree to. I saw large windows with him on the other side of the windows looking through to his family. I also mentioned that he was talking of an important conversation that needed to happen.

A day or so after the session, I received the following email from her.

"I just wanted to email you and let you know thank you again for doing my session the other day.

I finally was able to figure out the window, the flowers, and at the end when my grandad was talking about a conversation needed to happen with someone.

The window- my mom said the day he was passing and his heart rate was dropping the nurse called and told my mom which I was sitting next to my mom when she got the call the nurse told us we could come down there and be with him as he passed but we would have to be outside the room looking through the WINDOW because of him having COVID.

The flowers- I was correct about. I asked my grandma and mom and they both said that there are 3 sets of white Lillies that bloom every year around spring time outside my grandmas house!!

The conversation that needed to happen I asked my mom about and her eyes got so big and she said Vanessa that conversation that needs to happen only Grandaddy and I knew about that conversation not even grandma knows about it.

Oh yea and btw my mom needed oil for her car we all checked our oils and it was my mom she had NO oil on the dip stick my Grandaddy always said to my grandma please make sure if something happened to me sandy keeps oil in that van haha he knows how bad my mom is about that!!

After the session I feel like I’m okay and I’ve healed.. before I felt I just carried this big weight of grief on me of not understanding why things happens and now I understand and you made me look at everything differently! I can’t wait to have another session with you!"

It is extremely important to go into a session with me or any other intuitive with an expectation of hearing something you need to hear, of feeling better after the session or of receiving the answer you are looking for! If you go in with doubts, it makes receiving information a little more difficult, but not impossible.

I once had a regular client who brought her father in for a session. He was extremely difficult to read. It was like he had cinderblock around his energy field! I got a little information, but it was like pulling teeth to get anything he could verify. One of the things I mentioned is that I saw a family broach which was missing. Family was searching for this but it had not been found. He adamantly declared he did not know what I was talking about.

A few days later his daughter contacted me and let me know that he was going through some old family records and found information about a missing family broach. It was not necessarily anything he needed to know, but it served as verifiable information to let him know that I was actually receiving legitimate and evidential information.

I once did a healing on a client and received some intuitive information for her that she could not verify until five years later! She and I both had totally forgotten the session but that particular session I had written down and mailed to her. At the appropriate time, she found the paper and realized that everything I had seen had occurred.

Another time I saw some stomach issues which the client could not verify but ended up showing up within a week!

If you are an intuitive or are honing your skills in divination, it is important to trust the information you receive. If you are thinking of scheduling a session with me or someone who does what I do, it is important to trust that you will receive the information or results that are in your highest good. When you go into a session with high expectations, you will tend to get a better reading than if you go in skeptical. Doubts are like blankets that cover your energy field and make receiving information more difficult.

Fear is another consideration. If you are afraid of seeing a psychic because you think God is going to punish you or the psychic is a cohort of the devil or some other ridiculous but popular misconceptions due to religious upbringing or other unfounded fears, you are also setting yourself up for failure. Fear is a magnet that brings you some version of what you are afraid of. I always attempt not to create fear in my sessions with clients. Not all information is cotton candy and rainbows, but even if a message is difficult, I always try to offer the client opportunities to empower themselves and change the predicted outcome or work around or through an upcoming challenge.

It is also important to know that I personally will never predict a death or tell you that you need to pay me an exorbitant amount of money to remove a curse. This is not to say that I don't ever see death or that I don't believe curses exist. I do. I have been successful removing curses but there are a lot of variables involved. However, don't be afraid of these things. I always conduct my readings in a way that is empowering to the client and offers him or her the opportunity to overcome any obstacles. I always offer hope.

Remember that you are the one in charge of your life and your destiny. Yes, there are fated events that are not changable. But you can live your life with the knowledge that you choose how you react to any circumstance. You can work with the things you can't change to offer yourself and others an opportunity for growth.

Live your life with the understanding that you are not a victim to life. If you do not decide how your life is going to go, life will happen to you one way or another. It is better to go through life empowered and intentional.


I would love to connect with you! I have a variety of free gatherings, both by Zoom and in Winchester Virginia where I call home. I also do private sessions to assist you in navigating life, assist you in healing wounds of the soul, connect to deceased loved ones or pets, and offer guidance on a variety of subjects.

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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!

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