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Upcoming New Book Sneak Preview

Back in January of this year I was meditating and received an outline for my next book! Since then I have been working on it for an upcoming release date as yet undetermined..

This book is a bit different from my other ones. This one is going to focus on some of my most-used healing methods when clients come to see me to help with the pain in their soul.

I know some say that our soul is the purest part of us, that part that is eternal and connected to our God-Source, and therefore does not feel pain. It is the emotions, beliefs, and life experiences that feel pain. I sort of agree, but in my experience, our soul feels everything we do. Sometimes the soul gets clogged up with difficult memories, ancestral pain, emotions we have either felt ourselves or aquired from others, and even issues that were not resolved from other lifetimes. We give away pieces of our soul to others and sometimes other people steal pieces of our soul. It is a bit more complicated than we may realize.

In my own personal healing journey, I have learned various healing methods which I use in the soul healing work I do. I decided to write a healing manual, and then teach it chapter by chapter at some point. This will assist you in healing yourself, as well as healing others using whatever modality you currently feel aligned to.

I know there are a thousand healing manuals out there.

This one is mine.

I want to share with you a short excerpt about hooking up to a Power Source that is greater than we are. This is necessary in order to do any sort of healing. Keep in mind this is not the final version yet! My proofreaders and book mentors are still reading and offering me suggestions.


Book excerpt:

One of the keys to effective energy healing and spirit communication is recognizing that we are not doing this alone. Yes, we have innate healing energy within us. We have wisdom and power within us. But where does that power come from?

The world of form is born through the world without form. Some call this God, the Universe, the Creator, the Source. This Source has no form but is inherent in everything we see, hear, taste, touch, smell, and sense. It is the creative force within us, and also the Force of Energy that has created the Angels, Guides, the Ascended Masters, the Earth and other planet and star systems, the realm of nature and even what many call the dark side.

Everything is born from this Creative Life Force.

Yes, we are the Divine living inside a human vessel. There is within us a power that we do not access on a continual basis. However, if we think that we are healers without some sort of power source that is greater than the individual expression of our soul inside a single human vessel, we are fooling ourselves.

Think of your soul like a cell phone. A cell phone has amazing capabilities. It can chat with people all over the world. It can give you news, games, social media postings, jokes, recipes, directions, and just about anything you can think of. It can suggest to you where to buy a new pair of shoes, and sometimes even know you are in need of a pair! I sometimes think my cell phone can read my mind, because sometimes all I do is think about something, and an ad shows up on my phone. I pity the system that is reading my mind, that is all I have to say about that!

At some point, a cell phone needs to be hooked up to some sort of power source to regenerate its power. Depending on how much you are using it, it may have to be charged frequently or occasionally. Our soul is like that. We can run on our internal power source for a while. Depending on how much you are pulling energy out of your core, you may be able to go a little while or a very long time in between charges. But eventually, you are going to have to hook yourself up to some sort of power source.

Religion and various belief systems attempted to hook us up to a power source. They called that Source various names and taught us ways to access that power.

The problem came when religious leaders became our power source instead of The Power they were originally trying to represent. We began to depend on the leaders for our spiritual sustenance rather than going to The Source of Power for ourselves.

In my regular communication with various aspects of Divine Energy, I have found that The Source really is not attached to names or titles or affiliations.

I hear your protests now! “What if I hook up with a power source that is dark or evil?”

This is simple. If you plant a green bean plant, you are not going to grow a potato! In other words, if your intention is the highest good and healing for self and others, you are going to hook up to a power source that is compatible with your energy. In the same way all cell phones have to be charged by a cord that fits their unique design, you are only going to fit into the power source that fits with your energy.

The important thing is to rid yourself of any energetic debris that could be pulling you down to a lower expression of your soul or draining your internal battery. Anger, hatred, revenge, depression, grief, and fear are examples of lower-level frequencies. This is a process. We can’t just choose to not be depressed anymore, or not to worry or not to be afraid. But we can choose to work towards aligning ourselves with the highest expression of our souls.


Thanks in advance for your support during this time of honing my book and getting it ready for publication! Eventually I plan to teach the concepts in the book in a class which will be recorded so that you can learn each technique or principle and apply it to your own path as a healer and lightworker in the world.

Next week I am planning to chat about how do you know if you are a healer or a lightworker?

Stay tuned!!


I would love to connect with you!

I have a variety of free gatherings, both by Zoom and in Winchester Virginia where I call home. I also do private sessions to assist you in navigating life, assist you in healing wounds of the soul, connect to deceased loved ones or pets, and offer guidance on a variety of subjects.

If you are interested in booking a private session with me, you can do that HERE.

If you want to book a session, but you don't know what you want or want to see what events I have coming up, you can find the answers to those questions HERE.

If you want to check out my books, you can find descriptions and links to their Amazon pages HERE.

If you think I am generally awesome and just want to donate to my work because my free stuff has blessed you, you can do that too! Click HERE.

Thanks for reading to the end!!


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