Upcoming New Book Sneak Preview

Back in January of this year I was meditating and received an outline for my next book! Since then I have been working furiously to have it out by fall.

This book is a bit different from my other ones. This one is going to focus on some of my most-used healing methods when clients come to see me to help with the pain in their soul.

I know some say that our soul is the purest part of us, that part that is eternal and connected to our God-Source, and therefore does not feel pain. It is the emotions, beliefs, and life experiences that feel pain. I sort of agree, but in my experience, our soul feels everything we do. Sometimes the soul gets clogged up with difficult memories, ancestral pain, emotions we have either felt ourselves or aquired from others, and even issues that were not resolved from other lifetimes. We give away pieces of our soul to others and sometimes other people steal pieces of our soul. It is a bit more complicated than we may realize.

In my own personal healing journey, I have learned various healing methods which I use in the soul healing work I do. I decided to write a healing manual, and then teach it chapter by chapter at some point. This will assist you in healing yourself, as well as healing others using whatever modality you currently feel aligned to.

I know there are a thousand healing manuals out there.

This one is mine.

I want to share with you a short excerpt about hooking up to a Power Source that is greater than we are. This is necessary in order to do any sort of healing. Keep in mind this is not the final version yet! My proofreaders and book mentors are still reading and offering me suggestions.