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The Power of Words

You have probably heard this a thousand times or more, but today I want to remind you again of the power of the words you speak, the words you hear, and the inner chatter that goes on inside your head all of the time.

Language is the way humans communicate. Other species can communicate just through their thoughts, and I believe we humans have that potential too, and that sometimes we can intuit what others are thinking, but we don't always trust our intuition or even know we are picking up on someone else's thoughts. But that is a blog for another day.

From the time we are born, we are constantly hearing the language we were born into, or, if our parents are bilingual or multi-cultural, we may hear more than one language. It is amazing to me that babies of multi-cultural parents often learn two languages simultaneously. I can barely master one language!

Words or groups of words do not only contain the meaning of those particular words, but also the thoughts, emotions and beliefs that are behind the person speaking them! That is why sometimes in our tech world, a text or a social media post or an email can be easily misinterpreted, because the reader of the message is inserting their own set of emotions, beliefs and understandings into the words they are reading, while the person sending the message may have had a completely different intention or understanding of those words.

People like myself who deliver messages from the spirit world have an entirely different delimma. They are hearing messages from a deceased person or a being who does not have a living human body and then they are translating what they are hearing and delivering that message to a recipient. The spirit person has to use the medium's brain and their own set of words, understandings, emotions, and beliefs to deliver the message.

Sometimes I shy away from saying the exact words I am hearing from the spirit person, because of my own personal set of opinions or beliefs or maybe I just don't understand or even trust what I am hearing. If a deceased person tells me that their wife killed them, I may tell the recipient that in some way the spouse had some responsibility in the passing, but it is unlikely I will say that she killed him. (this happened recently!) That is why sometimes when recipients want to hear specific words from their loved ones, I cannot guarantee those specific words will come through.

One deceased person did say that a particular person was a "son of a bitch", when the recipient asked what she thought of him. It turns out that that particular person DID kill her!

But let's shift gears and talk about words we hear and speak to one another and to ourselves and even to our understanding of the Divine Presence.

The words we speak to ourselves are obviously the most powerful words in our lives. This is called our inner chatter, our inner critic, our higher self, our conscience, or many other terms too many to list here. Most of us will admit that our inner voice that speaks to us continuously is not always positive and loving.

"You're too fat."

"You're too skinny."

"You're too old."

"You're too young."

"You can't do that!"

I could go on and on, but you get the way this is going. These are words that we have been hearing so long, we just automatically accept them as truth. Then, we pass them on to others. Those who hear those words have the choice to adopt them into their internal chatter or to discard them. Usually if our words are accepted into someone's internal chatter, it is because we have some significant place in their hearts or minds.

Most of us are tasked with changing our internal chatter to one that is more powerful and loving, thus silencing the inner critic. This task is easier for some than others, depending on their own inner strength and personal power.

When trying to decide which words are critical and which are empowering, it is important to go inside yourself and see how those words make you feel. Even strong words can have a powerful effect if they are what someone really needs to hear and is ready to recieve.

Yes! Sometimes love and light are not necessarily what is going to have the maximum effect on someone!

Years ago I was in a very unhealthy relationship. I was extremely un-empowered and felt helpless to change my circumstances. I worked at the Post Office and had a friend who I was in the habit of commiserating with.

One day these words of truth from my co-worker hit me like a brick.

"Joy. I have known you for nine years. Every day you come in hear and bitch and complain about how unhappy you are, and I am tired of it. Unless you do something about it, just stop talking to me about it."

That is the day I realized that my future was in my hands. I could not blame someone else for my misery. I was responsible for making the changes myself. Those words changed my life.

That very day I began to plan my emancipation.

I could have gotten mad.

I could have just found someone else to bitch to.

So you see, sometimes you will speak words that maybe you don't even know how powerful they are. Sometimes you may say something to someone off the cuff and the effects of those words change someone's life, for better or for worse, depending on what that person decides to do with those words.

Let me be a little straight-forward here.

You are in charge of your life.

You may not have control over your past, or the things that have happened to you. But you have power over how those things affect you now. And you can change the narrative.

The whole emphasis on positive affirmations in soul healing work is an attempt to change the internal chatter.

Positive affirmations will work if you really take them into your heart and BELIEVE THEM. And often, if you hear something over and over and over and over, after awhile you will believe it.

That is the way conspiracy theories and fake news works, in reverse. If you hear something over and over, and if you hear it from someone who you respect or who has some sort of power or authority, or if you just believe it. That is why you should never blindly believe anything you hear. Do some research.

This subject could fill an entire book but what I want you to take away from this little chat is this:






Today I chatted about the words you are aware of, but what about words that are spoken that you are unaware of? Do those affect you?

Hmm. Sounds like a good blog post for next week!


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