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The Dead Say the Darndest Things!

The other day I was connecting to a loved one for a client and he made the remark that the drugs up there were a lot better than what he was used to when he was alive! This was quite shocking, both to me and to his loved ones who were listening! He had indeed had a problem with medicating to feel better when he was alive.

In this particular client's previous visit, her mother had come through and said that of all the things she missed, she really missed food.

My client remarked, "How is it that there are good drugs up there but no food?"

This was a thought-provoking question. How is that possible?

I tuned in to my Guides and they said that when you are in human form you are in a physical body which needs food. There is no need for food if you don't have a body and you probably could not taste it anyway. However, most drugs affect your mental and emotional bodies more than your physical bodies, and you do retain your thoughts and emotions after you pass out of your physical body. So the gentleman who said the drugs were a lot better on the other side was probably making a joke about the feeling of euphoria many souls experience when they enter into the Light. My client agreed that this man was always cracking jokes and it makes sense to her that he would have been joking about the feeling of euphoria as compared to his attempts to feel a similar sensation when he was alive.

Yes, the dead often surprise me with their conversations to those who come hoping to connect with them! If they were comical in life, they tend to be humorous in death. I have been surprised on occasion with some of the language that pops out of my mouth when channeling a particularly salty character.

Once a woman on the other side called a man named Joe a "son-of-a-b****", to which my client replied that Joe was the man who killed her!

The mother of one of my clients surprised us both when she told us she was in the hospital on the other side and had been sleeping. My client completely understood and explained that she had trouble sleeping in her last days so it made sense to her that she needed some rest after her ordeal. She had only recently passed, and even though time does not really exist on the other side, she had needed some recovery time after her long and difficult last days. I had no idea at the time that there were hospitals on the other side! I have subsequently learned that yes, there are hospitals, and even rehab! Many an addict has come through telling their loved ones they were in recovery on the other side.

The same client's mother showed me an infant in her arms, and at first my client could not figure out who the baby was, until it dawned on her that perhaps her mother was holding a child lost through miscarriage. The mother on the other side counted to three and I asked the client if she had lost her child in or around the first trimester and she affirmed that she had. Her mother was still letting her know that she "knew" things. She had passed before the client's miscarriage but knew all about it.

How is it that sometimes my client's people come in so clear with such stunning proof of their identity and even personalities, and other times some of the people seem to hide or not come through?

Remember that when the dead come through, it requires a lot of energy on their behalf. They have to align with my own personal frequency, kind of like a radio signal. Their signal has to be clear and consise and I am tasked with "tuning in" to their particular signal. Sometimes, I will admit, the signal is not completely clear, and, just like a radio signal, sometimes more than one "station" is playing at the same time. I may be receiving bits and pieces of various messages coming from more than one soul. I may be feeling the energy of more than one person who is trying to connect with me. That is why sometimes I am describing attributes of one person and then I may get an attribute of someone else. I have to tune the frequency in a bit to one particular soul so I get a clear connection.

On the other hand, even on the other side, the dead have free will. Sometimes they are ashamed of something, or perhaps they are enjoying the euphoria of being in the Light. Sometimes the ones left here are grieving, angry, or have thoughts of revenge which keeps their frequency low and it becomes harder for the dead to communicate.

Remember that the way a person on the other side viewed himself or herself may be a bit different from your perspective. Try to receive their message from their point of view. They may not want to remember or chat about some difficult experiences or things that were not their best moment. On the other hand, maybe they want to address difficulties and make amends. Sometimes they do, sometimes they don't. I can't control the narrative. All I can do is communicate what they give me.

I am not a parlor trick. Chances are, if you have some sort of code word that let's you know I am getting the right person, I may or may not get the code word. But if I have described your person in detail and given you information I would not have been able to know, then, I probably have connected with your person, whether I got your code word or not. I find that skeptism is often a block to a good link to the spirit world. If you come to see me blocking your energy field so that I have trouble getting in, you have just wasted your time and my time. Your people may very well be waiting to give you a message, but you have created what I like to call a kink in the water hose of spirit. Come expecting to hear from your loved ones!

If you desire a sign from a loved one on the other side, ask! You can choose the sign, you don't have to wait for them to choose it. Talk to them as if they are right there with you. Tell them how you feel, even if you are mad at them. It is okay. They probably know how you feel anyway.

Our memories and thoughts of our loved ones are usually all that is necessary to connect with them on the other side. It is like a telephone call to them when you think about them or talk to them. It is okay!

I will admit that, unless I write it down, I rarely remember what your loved ones say after your session. My regular clients know this and will remind me of things their people have said through me already. The previous stories are just ones that happened recently, and I found them interesting so I thought you might too!


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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!


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