Certain indigenous people claim that some of their medicine men have the ability to shift out of their bodies and take other forms, not just in altered states of consciousness, but physically. Although this aspect of shapeshifting fascinates me, this is not necessarily the subject of today's chat.

In my years of going back and forth between the world of the living and the world of Spirit, I often find myself in the presence of those who don't necessarily inhabit a living body. Some of them are highly evolved Beings who have wisdom above my own, some are those who used to inhabit a body but no longer do, and some are even animals, plants, and those who seem to exist in other places and times.

Each of these categories of conscious awareness seem to exist simultaneously in various planes of existence. But they all have one thing in common. They all seem to have some sort of "form." They could be in the form of a deceased loved one, a beloved pet, an Angel, a Benevolent Presence, or the consciousness even of a human, plant or animal that is living and breathing but maybe not in my presence.

But there is something that holds it all together. Something that does not have form.

In many belief systems, this formless energy has been described as God, Goddess, the I Am, Source Energy, the Divine, and many other names.

Many times in our spiritual practice, we attempt to go "higher" in our awareness in order to connect with this Source Energy. It seems to be in a place that is "up" in direction. Above the universe as we know it, above the place of the dead, above the place of the Angels and Guides and Benevolent Helpers, above the laws of the Universe. But even our attempts to go higher is an attempt to attach this Formless Energy to a "place."

Sometimes we feel we have reached this place and sometimes there seems to be a membrane that separates us.

Religions have often made us feel that we are unworthy to enter this presence or that we need to enter it with our eyes or bodies face down in reverence.

Recently I was going "up" in my meditation and seemed to be having a little trouble. Immediately my Guides (or the Divine Wisdom that speaks to me) seemed to show up and let me know that the place of the Divine Presence was not a place, and that the sense that it was somewhere far away and above me was a bit flawed.

It is easy to imagine that this Earth where we live is a bit "lower" than the place where the Divine Presence resides. Imagining that our awareness is going "up" is an exercise in raising our vibration to a frequency where we are energetically compatible with that Presence. I have meditated for years and usually have found success in imagining that my awareness was going "up" to a higher frequency.

But the Presence that was speaking to me had some wisdom to share that altered that conception just a bit.

This is what They said.

"You are seeking access to an audience with the Divine Presence. You are carrying your awareness "up" as if you needed to travel to a specific "place" far away, above where you are physically. But the Divine Presence is the formless Energy that creates the planes of existence where form exists. The Formless is all around you, embodied in the form you have created and the form that exists everywhere. It is everywhere and nowhere. It is a limiting belief that in order to access the Presence of the Divine, which has no form, you need to travel to a place that has form, that exists in a certain place. The Formless cannot be contained in a location. It is in every molecule of your body, in your DNA, in every droplet of water and in every air bubble and every grain of sand, in every realm of possibility, in all time, space, and dimensions. All you really need to do is shift and intend to be in the Presence and you are immediately there."

"It is in the Presence where the Formless takes form. It is here where your intentions and your desires are birthed into form."

So many times we think we need to seek audience with the Divine Presence. However the Divine Presence is no further away than your thoughts.

It is in the Divine Presence where we can "shapeshift" our lives into a more beneficial and empowered existence.

Do you want better health? More positive and heart connected relationships? A career that meets your needs financially and also fulfills your heart's desires? It is in the Presence where those experiences can be birthed.