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Releasing Karmic Baggage

Last week I chatted a little bit about the number 6 being a number of karma and the settling of accounts. This year, 2022 is a karmic year. In numerology, the number 6 is a number of relationships, but also a number of karma, which is sometimes talked about a little less often.

This is a universal theme, and may not necessarily be your personal theme for the year. You can find your personal theme by adding up the month and day of your birthday, and then adding that to the number of the year. I don't consider our year to begin on January 1st, but rather on our birthday, so your theme for the year begins on the date of your birthday, Before that, you are still working on issues from the previous number. For example, my birthday is January 17. The 1 and the 1 and the 7 add up to 9. I add 9 to 6 from 2022 and I get 24. the 2 and the 4 add up to 6. So my numbers always coincide with the current year's energy. However, let's say your birthday is December 1st. The 1 and the 2 from December and the 1 from the day add up to 4. You would add 4 to 2022 and get 10. However, since your birthday is in December, your year does not begin until your birthday. So you are working on the previous number, which is 9, until your birthday.

No matter what personal year you are in, the universal year will affect you in some way. Just as covid affected us all whether or not we personally got sick, it is the same with universal themes.

As I mentioned in my previous blog post on the themes for December 2022, December is a perfect month to finish up whatever is unfinished for this year.

Today I am going to talk about finishing up or releasing karmic attachments or baggage. When we surrender karma, we are giving a gift not only to ourselves, but others around us.

Karma is nothing more than the balancing of the scales. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction, as it says in science. What goes around comes around.

If you have taken actions that have affected others in some way, and all of us have, you may experience the karmic effects of those actions before years end, if you haven't already. Debts will be repaid.

The funny thing about karma is that we are not always consciously aware of the whole story. We are eternal souls. We are not completely aware of what our relationship was with someone before this lifetime. Karmic debts follow us until they are resolved.

Karma is kind of interesting because it is not just actions that have consequences. Words have consequences. Emotions and beliefs have consequences. And the consequences don't always seem to fit what occurs.

Here are some common seemingly unfair beliefs:

  • Only the good die young.

  • Bad things happen to good people.

  • What did I do to deserve this?

  • I seem to be a magnet to tragedy (or poverty, or lack of justice, or whatever)

I am sure you can think of a lot of things that have happened that seemed unfair. Know this. It is not always the repercussions for bad behavior. The Earth realm is unpredictable. Sometimes things just happen.

Sometimes, however, bad things that happen are the result of ancient karma that happened in other lifetimes, or even to our parents or ancestors. There is no particular timeline for when and how accounts get settled. Unless we intercept and heal the timeline.

That seems hard but really it isn't!

Today is a good day to just be done!

Say this:

I declare that I am done with any unfinished karma between myself and .....(fill in the blank.. people, repetitive events, trauma, etc).

I shift my timeline to a more healthy, balanced, and authentic version of myself. In alignment with my soul agreement, I declare that I am now living the remainder of my life in a more authentic, happy, and empowered version of reality.

Now, here is an addendum to this statement. Sometimes when you declare the end to karmic baggage, all old accounts will come up to be settled. In other words, if you have murdered someone or defrauded someone or whatever, there may be some immediate karmic repercussions. If you are currently engaging in activities that are less than honorable, you must cease from the behavior. But you will be free from the weight of unresolved karma! You will be free!

If you release karma between you and a particular person, that person may feel it. Whatever is unfinished between you may come up and you may need to address it. You may be challenged to go back to old behavior, to see if you really are truly finished with a particular pattern.

Sometimes we live a good portion of our lives trying to make up for something we feel guilty about! For a good many years, I felt guilty for my perception of some things I did or did not do as a mother to my daughter. I felt like I was obligated to go over the top in my attempts to make up for my shortcomings. I realized that I also judged my own mother for what I perceived were her shortcomings, and internalized that judgement against myself, since I repeated the very things I judged her for. When I was able to say, "I am done making up for my past mistakes. My karma is done now," I truly felt free.

Within an hour of doing the inner healing, my daughter called and I was tempted to fall back into old behavior. I had to decide to speak from an authentic place rather than from unresolved guilt.

Sometimes we feel a sort of vague guilt for some infraction, and we don't even know what it is. We feel like it is our job to make up for the injustices in the world. This could be a result of empathic abilities, or feeling the emotions of others, or it could be feeling the pain or emotions of our ancestors who never resolved their lives, or it could be related to something we did as a child and felt guilty for but were never punished for, or it could be something we did in another lifetime or expression of our soul in another reality. That is a heavy weight to carry!

If you sometimes feel a vague guilt and can't really put your finger on where or why or what you are feeling guilty for, this may help! If you release karmic baggage and declare that all accounts are now settled, you are freeing yourself and you are freeing others around you! This is a gift to yourself and a gift to everyone around you.

You see, you can't release karmic baggage while holding judgement on other people. If you are secretly hoping someone has to pay for an infraction, you can't release your own karma. As long as you hold others accountable for bad behavior, your own karma seems to hang on relentlessly.

This applies whether you personally know the person or not!

A lot of people seem to want punishment for people who have committed sins against humanity, the planet, or who are in some way corrupt. I can't say I can exclude myself completely from this tendency.

When we release karmic baggage, we have to be willing to surrender karma to the Universe. We can't secretly or openly wish for someone to "pay."

Send Divine Love and Light into the situation and then release your desires for justice. It may come. It may not in this lifetime.

Once in meditation, I saw Hitler crossing over to the other side. I saw his path to the light lined with all the people he had affected in any way. He had to look into the eyes of each person before he took his next step. Who knows. He may still be walking down that path. He affected millions of people.

Karma may not come the way we anticipate.

Just for today, release any judgements you may have against those who have acted in ways that lacked integrity and character. Know that the Universe will come into balance one way or another. Release any judgements against yourself. Surrender your karma to the Universe and decide to live every day as authentically as you can.

Decide once and for all to stop punishing yourself for infractions known or unknown.

Live your life with integrity, kindness, and love. See the light in the souls of those you interact with everyday. Decide to believe that everyone is doing the very best they can given their own set of circumstances.

Be free.


If you are interested in a personal session to sift through or sort out your own hidden karmic wounds, you can set up your appointment here! I see clients by Zoom, phone or in person. Make sure you choose the correct option!

If you are interested in my books, want to know more about me, want to find the links to my social media pages, or find out what events I may have coming up, you can find all that here!

As we heal ourselves, we heal all of us as a human species. As we heal ourselves, we heal the planet. Let us heal.

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