Psychic Protection

By this time in 2020, most of us are aware that there are unseen droplets of energy that have the potential to harm us physically in some way. We can say all the affirmations we want, we can deny the existence of germs or viruses, we can refuse to use basic protective measures to safeguard our health, and none of these things will matter if a particular germ enters our body.

In the same way, I have heard a lot of conflicting thoughts on the need to protect our energy fields from negative energies. There is the thought that we are magnets to similar energies and we won't be affected by energies that are not in some way a vibrational match to us. There is the thought that the whole philosophy of good and evil is flawed, so there is no need to protect ourselves from evil, because what is evil anyway? There is the idea that if we feel we need to be protected, we are in fact inviting in exactly what we feel we need to be protected from, just by the act of thinking about it.

I could go on.

I have entertained and contemplated many of these philosophies.

Do we really need to protect our energy field?

I could easily go about my life without any thought to what energies are flying about, or walking about just outside of my awareness. I do believe that what I think about grows, and if I am obsessing over whether or not to protect myself, then maybe I really should.

However, the rain falls on all of us, the good, the bad, and the in-between. If I go out in public, here in late 2020, without a mask, there is a good chance I could contract the deadly virus that so far has claimed 240,000 plus lives, whether I believe in it or not. I am sure that some of those who have died probably did not believe the virus was a real thing until they became inflicted with it.

I do believe that there is benefit in exercising some basic psychic protection measures, in the same way that I put on a mask before I go out in public. Wearing a mask does not mean I am afraid of catching the virus or even possibly spreading it to others. I wear a mask because the science has shown that it helps. I also wash my hands and try to avoid touching my face. I can affirm that I am a vibrational match to perfect health, and yet, if I am afforded a tool to use to assist me in walking in perfect health, I would be a fool not to utilize that tool.

So now that I have shared the value of basis psychic protection, what do I mean by it?

Just as we protect our physical bodies with masks and other basic physical protection, we can also shield our psychic fields from passing psychic debris and even intentional psychic attacks.

There are two and possibly three types of psychic attacks. Intentional and arbitrary or passing.

Obviously an intentional psychic attack is when someone is intentionally sending you bad juju, either through prayers, words, passionate negative emotions, or even rituals or "spells." Do I believe in curses? YES! I believe that every time you gossip or malign someone with your tongue, you are sending a curse their way! Even the Bible supports this theory. So if you add to your malicious thoughts and words items from the physical world to enhance those words, thoughts and emotions, then yes, they tend to be effective.

I have been asked more than once to break a curse, and it is possible, but not the subject of this blog. And by the way, there is no need to pay thousands of dollars to remove a curse. But I digress.

A passing psychic attack is when you just happen to be in the trajectory of an energy that is harmful. Kind of like a drive by shooting. You were just in the wrong place at the wrong time and you got slimed!

A third possiblilty is the idea that there is energy out there that is not in a physical body but has its own consciousness and degree of awareness and somehow you attracted its attention. You were not just passing by. A living human being did not send you a curse. A non-physical energy form found you and targeted you for various reasons. Possibly in a future blog I will expound upon this idea but for now I am just adding it for good measure.