Pick a Card, Any Card

I am writing this blog about a week before the date it is scheduled to post (July 28, 2022.) As I write this blog I am feeling a bit of uncertainty surrounding the new moon and Uranus conjunction happening within a few days of one another The cards that showed up for this blog reflect the feeling of uncertainty around these astrological events. My original intent had nothing to do with astrology really, since I am not an astrologer, but I am fascinated with it and follow the patterns in the sky with interest.

I had this idea a while ago for a future blog post, but it seemed I wasn't inspired to do anything with it until now. I took these pictures of these particular tarot cards over a month ago with the intention that you could choose a card and then scroll down to read your personal message. As I write this, I am finding that the cards are a little bit connected to each other and the astrological indications.