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I am writing this blog about a week before the date it is scheduled to post (July 28, 2022.) As I write this blog I am feeling a bit of uncertainty surrounding the new moon and Uranus conjunction happening within a few days of one another The cards that showed up for this blog reflect the feeling of uncertainty around these astrological events. My original intent had nothing to do with astrology really, since I am not an astrologer, but I am fascinated with it and follow the patterns in the sky with interest.

I had this idea a while ago for a future blog post, but it seemed I wasn't inspired to do anything with it until now. I took these pictures of these particular tarot cards over a month ago with the intention that you could choose a card and then scroll down to read your personal message. As I write this, I am finding that the cards are a little bit connected to each other and the astrological indications.

While I am on the subject of divination cards, such as tarot, I would like to remind you that I post a message every day on Facebook and Instagram. You can check those out as well!

So take a moment and focus on the picture of the three cards. Don't peek down to see what they are! Just feel inside yourself which card resonates with you in this moment. If none of them particularly jump out, read on and see what speaks to you.

And now to reveal the cards that showed up for this week's blog! I post my blog every Thursday, so the message contained in this reading probably concerns something you are now dealing with or will find yourself facing sometime in the next week. However, if you happen upon this blog a month or a year from now, Spirit knows these things and gives you the right message for whenever you happen to need it!

So let's go!

We have the Moon, The Knight of Swords reversed and the Knight of Pentacles reversed. Keep reading to see which message resonates with you! I would suggest you read through all three, since I am noticing that the cards could be showing up together to also give a collective message.

The Moon

You may be feeling extremely emotional right now. You may feel uncertain about some important aspect of your life and you have not been able to think clearly or make any sense of how you are feeling. This new moon may be particularly important to you! (July 28, 2022 the moon is "new" and other planetary aspects reflect some sense of unexpected news and sudden changes.) If you are feeling out of sorts or are being affected by any changes that are happening as predicted by the planetary aspects right now, it is important to breathe, calm yourself, and focus on surrendering to what you cannot change, and changing what you can. If other people around you are feeling intense emotions, be of service if you can but try not to absorb their pain, even if your intention is to ease theirs. Taking someone else's pain into your body is not beneficial to you or them. Offer love and assistance to others, take time to navigate and process your own emotions, and connect with your sense of the Divine. Be at peace as much as possible, but don't stuff your emotions inside. Feel them. Acknowledge them. Release them.

The Knight of Swords Reversed

The Knight of Swords represents events that transpire quickly. Reversed means this could be a difficult experience or possibly that a feared difficult event passes quickly or does not happen at all. In the aforementioned discription of the Moon, I shared that this dark moon, commonly referred to as the new moon, is accompanied by some other planetary happenings that are predicting sudden and unexpected happenings. I can't say that these astrological and Tarot indicators are predicting some sort of world event, just that this energy is strong and many people may experience some unexpected happenings this week or sometime soon. However, it seems that these cards, the planets and moon are predicting something rather intense and possibly challenging to many. The only possible good news I can say about the knight of swords reversed is that with this card, what transpires usually comes and goes quickly, kind of like a thunderstorm, which is really intense for a short period of time but then quickly passes through. However, we all know that with intense thunderstorms, sometimes power outages and downed trees take a little time to resolve themselves even when the actual storm comes and goes quickly. If nothing transpires globally, then I imagine a lot of people are personally experiencing difficult things which are leaving them possibly out of sorts and probably extremely emotional.

The Knight of Pentacles Reversed

Now is not a time to sit and contemplate whether or not you are ready to take action. The Knight of Pentacles is a card of being ready, cautious but prepared. Reversed means it is time to take action. Sitting still or being hesitant is not an option. You are well prepared for the task at hand. You may be spending a little more money right now than is comfortable for you, but you have the resources backing you to make this move. Put your grown up panties on and move forward!

As a group, these cards seem to be indicating unexpected and possible fast moving events which leaves some people feeling out of sorts or emotionally raw. We know in the political arena that some world leaders are stepping down or losing power. The weather is doing some crazy things which are leaving people sometimes without power or stranded. Life is unpredictable. If you have had unresolved issues, they seem to be poking their heads up out of the sand to be addressed. The time to sit around and think about the next steps are past. It is time to move forward and take care of business.

Writing this blog post is indicating to me that this week possibly has some extremely intense energy attached to it. If events transpire that have you feeling emotional, raw, out of sorts, or unclear about your next steps, know that you have a spiritual support team out there ready to assist you.

I am not normally a doomsayer. I grew up in a religion that was constantly predicting the end of the world in some fashion, which gives me a little pause when certain indicators show up predicting difficulties. But the undeniable truth is, life is, in fact, unpredictable! The best we can do is fill our hearts with love and joy. Expect that the Universe has our backs and we will be okay. Sometimes sudden unexpected changes are positive and lead to the next best version of ourselves.

Normally around the first of each month I post an energy forecast for the month. Normally I write these posts a week or so in advance and schedule them to post around the first of each month. August is a "5" month in numerology and 5 is the number of unexpected changes. The energy that ends July could very well continue into August. Five is an unpredictable number. It is important to keep our vibration high so we experience the highest expression of this number. Be sure to check back next week for that blog post. The energy feels a lot more positive and hopeful, but it feels like there is the possibility it could go either way. Keeping our thoughts focused on the highest good for everyone concerned is always the best strategy when dealing with change, whether welcome or otherwise.

The day of this publication will hopefully find me on a plane to Florida for a few days of recreation. However, I will be home in a few days if you need to schedule an appointment. You can book an appointment for a private reading HERE.

Blessings to you as you navigate the extreme conditions that seem to be indicated by these cards and my July forecast.

Let us send the energy of Divine Love and Peace to all who are in the midst of these storms and affected by a variety of unsettling events. If your life is peaceful and all is well, then you are very much needed to be a force of peace and love to the world that is very much unsettled. If you want to know how to be of service, pick an area on a map and focus the energy of Divine Love to that area. Ask The Divine how you can be of service to those around you who are suffering.

Sometimes it is difficult to see beyond the end of your own nose if you are the one who is suffering. It is during these times that you need a support system! Reach out if you need support. There are many well-established hotlines and social services available to those in need.

Peace is not the absence of chaos. It is the ability to remain calm in the storm and know that it will pass.


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