What to do when you feel overwhelmed.

Recently I had a doozy of a week.

On Monday I got my second shingles vaccination, and I was not expecting to be down for several days! I later learned that it creates a reaction in my immune system. At first I thought I was getting the flu. Body aches, headaches, extreme fatigue, not to mention the sore arm at the sight of the injection.

Yes I am a pro vaccination girl. I am not here to argue about the current state of affairs on the controversy surrounding vaccines. This is just leading up to the rest of the story.

So the good news was the symptoms did not begin until the following day. This was good because Monday was packed with clients. Always my busiest day.

I guess my Higher Power knew what I was going to need, because, as it turned out, I had intentionally blocked off the next day on my calendar to see clients that could not for whatever reason book online and to catch up on busy work. Work out in the yard. Exercise. Clean house. Get ready for an upcoming event. Write a blog. Write and print out wedding ceremonies. Change out all the blinds in the house. Miraculously, the scheduled clients canceled.

I would experience chunks of time when I felt fine, followed by extreme exhaustion and flu symptoms. My go-to flu remedy, Oil of Oregano, was on duty all week.

And then my computer froze.

It had been overheating on and off for about a week. I would