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Of Psychics, Shamans, and Jesus



These days faith is a hot subject.

We all have it. Some form of faith.

We may have faith in a higher power, or a belief system. Most of us have faith that the sun is going to rise tomorrow. Even if there are clouds and we can't see the sun, we know that, behind the clouds, the sun is shining. Somewhere.

We come to our own sense of faith a number of ways.

We may take on the faith or lack of faith from our family.

We may have a desire to explore different varieties of faith and choose the one that seems to resonate with us the most.

We may choose to completely eliminate a faith in a spiritual force due to some tragedy or disillusionment with the faith that was supposed to sustain us, rescue us, or do some sort of intervention in our lives that did not happen.

At some point in our lives, faith, belief, and spirituality comes up for us to examine, dip our toes in, or completely immerse our lives in. Some base the entirety of their purpose in a certain belief in something or someone.

Some varieties of faith seem to eliminate the possibility that other beliefs have any merit, and may even go so far to say that dabbling in different faiths may have devastating repercussions, such as burning in hell or coming under a curse of some kind.

For centuries religious differences have created wars, death, and destruction.

But what is true?

In my newest release, JOURNEY TO JOY, I explore all of these ideas and more!

Traditional faith from my perspective is examined and my own personal journey from faith, to disillusionment, to denial, to acceptance, and to embracing the life I now live as a psychic medium, Shamanic Reiki soul healer, and avid tarot card reader.

I come full circle with Jesus and my experience with him.

Available now on Amazon, I invite you to explore the world of spirituality.

As a special promotion and in conjunction with this month's NEW MOON, I am offering this book to you for $.99 on Kindle and $11.11 paperback for one week only!!

Check it out here!

Open your eyes to a new way of observing the world.

It does not have to be my way.

Make it your own.

Allow my story to inspire you to QUESTION EVERYTHING.

Leave no stone unturned in your quest for your own personal truth and understanding.

Be open to the idea that it may not be exactly the way you think.

And if you like my story, please leave a review.

Let's all create a world where spirituality is something that is unique to each of us as an individual. Where we all love each other and we do our best to HARM NONE.

Especially each other.

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