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November Themes and Energies

October is just about behind us and November is right on its coattails! I know October may still have a few surprises up its sleeve before finally surrendering to the energy of November, but I wanted to take a little time to look into the energy of November so we can all know what's in store.

If you remember, in last month's blog about the energies for October, I chatted about sudden and unexpected changes, possibly tragic in nature. This proved extremely accurate for my family. We experienced a tragic and unexpected passing of a loved one, and we are all still reeling from the pain and grief.

If you also experienced tragedy in your personal life, I send you much love as you lick your wounds and spend some time in recovery and healing.

November may allow us to breathe a little sigh of relief, although processing the changes that occurred in October may take some time.

We are collectively in a "6" year in numerology. (2+0+2+2) In numerology, 6 is the number of relationships, family, karma, and a settling of accounts. This whole year collectively has been all about how we show up for other people, and how they show up for us. If we have unresolved issues, they probably showed up this year for some healing, closure or resolution. Whether or not we healed or resolved the issues is personal to each one of us.

If we add the "6" for the year to the "11" for November, we arrive at "17" and the 1 and the 7 add up to 8.

In the Tarot, the 17 card is the Star and the 8 card is Strength. In the very early days of the Tarot, the 8 card and the 11 card were reversed, so in very old Tarot cards, you may find 8 to be the Justice card, but for our modern times, I am sticking to 8 being the Strength card.

For me, when the Star card shows up, it heralds hope for better days ahead. Just as the Magi followed the Star to arrive at the home of the Christ child, the Star card represents following your dreams, your hopes for a better future, your higher power, your understanding of Divine guidance, or possibly looking to the stars for guidance (astrology). For me, when I am asking a question of the cards and the Star card shows up, I always realize that whatever the question is, the answer is "Yes, but not right now." Following a star is all about hope for the future. It means you have not yet arrived.

The card of Strength is all about accessing your inner lion. This month you may find it necessary to access the strength inside of you that you may not realize is there, or not need on a daily basis. In a year of relationships, this card could possibly represent you and another person. It is not necessarily an equal relationship. It may require strength on your part. It also could represent a person who is a Leo. This person may be a bit on the dangerous, aggressive, or at the very least, unhealed side, and you will find it necessary to "tame" the lion, in whatever way is appropriate for the situation.

The other "8" cards in the Tarot are: Eight of Wands - the need for courage,feeling defensive or backed into a corner; Eight of Swords - feeling helpless or out of options; Eight of Pentacles - work or career issues; and Eight of Wands - quick and fast forward movement. Some of these themes may pop their heads into your experience this month.

In numerology, "8" is the number of power and money. Issues with self-empowerment always show up in 8 energy. I guess it is no surprise that I was guided to adjust my prices a bit due to the cost of living and in order to be at least comparable to others who do the same work I do (I am still considerably less than most). Money tends to be a theme when 8 is around.

Another meaning to the number 8 is that of new beginnings. You will notice it is less mentioned in traditional numerology circles, but it is the first meaning that popped up for me when I first started noticing the significance of numbers. Our traditional way of looking at the days of the week gives us 7 days in a week, so the eighth day is the first day of a new week. I always notice that significant things happen on "8" days for me. Sometimes I plan it that way and sometimes it happens without my conscious intention.

Pay attention to what happens this month on "8" days. This would be November 8, 17, and 26. The energy will be even more potent, although when you add 8 +8 you get 16, and that number has its own vibration that is not always pleasant. (Think of the Tower card in the Tarot). Because of the intensity of the 8 energy, if a Tower experience shows up, it is likely to have to do with money, power, or self-empowerment.

I always feel pretty good when the energy of 8 is around, so I am fully expecting a fairly good month, but there may still be some pockets of surprise. I imagine at least in the United States there will be some political issues, as it is the month we hold elections. This is certainly in line with the theme of money and power, since elections are all about the balance of money and who has the most power.

Remember that despite who ends up holding the most power politically, this does not have to affect your own state of well-being. Stand in your power and decide to own your life. Don't allow yourself to be a victim of circumstance. I am not saying to upset the balance of power with violence. Someone who stands in their power in a healthy way understands that true power does not come from taking it away from someone else. We are all in this together. We can all stand in our power and this does not dis-empower anyone else. We are all one.

How do I stand in my power?

Decide what you will allow and not allow in your life!

Years ago, when life was considerably less wonderful than it is now, I learned this concept the hard way. I was in a dark circumstance, and found myself in a home that was emotionally unhealthy. I had not yet learned the concept of making changes in order to empower myself. I was under the belief that if everyone else in the household was okay, it didn't really matter if I was okay.

However, I understood my power in the spirit world. So I began to walk around the house and speak to all the windows and doors and command the energy of peace, love and joy into my home. I declared that any energy that did not align with peace, love and joy was not allowed to enter the house.

I found that the other people who resided in the house could not be in the house very long if they were in a bad place emotionally.

This was a temporary fix because eventually they would return.

In time I stood in my power and made permanent changes. I decided that my happiness was just as important as anyone else's and it was not my job to make sure grown people were okay. I had to own my own mental, emotional and spiritual health and decide to leave.

Let me repeat this.

Your sense of well-being is just as important as anyone else's. It is not your fault if other grown humans will not be okay. They need to figure it out.

Let this be a month you empower yourself in a healthy way. Whether you do this by speaking it out into your house or work environment or wherever and watching the situation change or whether you need to make concrete life changes, this is the month to do it. You may need to follow your hopes and dreams and make a plan of action. (The Star card). You may need to access your inner lion (the Strength card.)

Declare to the Universe that you desire the highest and best outcome for everyone concerned. This may not be what you think. You are one of those in that statement. You are a part of everyone. If you are not okay, then take steps to be okay.

Obviously there are times in our lives when we put aside our own wants in order to take care of others. I am not suggesting you cast aside your responsibilities, abandon your children, or anything of the sort. I am suggesting you own your own mental, emotional, and spiritual health, stand in your understanding of your own power, and make healthy choices.

In a spiritual sense, when we own our power, we do not feel like a victim to spiritual forces. It is time we stop fearing the darkness. When we speak out the energy of peace, love and joy, and declare that anything that is not compatible with that energy is not allowed in our presence, the spirits know if you believe it or not.

I have many stories that prove that this works!

This month, do some inner inventory and decide if you are living your best life. If you are not, then decide what would make you feel more in line with that. Make concrete changes if necessary.

If you need help releasing the fears and blocks that hold you captive and keep you from standing in your power, you can book an appointment HERE. I see clients by phone, Zoom and in person in Winchester Virginia.

If you are interested in the work I do or how I owned my power and released my toxic lifestyle, you can read my story HERE.

I would love to hear your stories of how you owned your power and watched your life change!

Let us all encourage one another as we access our inner lion and make concrete changes that are in line with our highest good and our state of well-being.


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