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Message for May

Every month I present an overview for the month according to numerology and tarot and perhaps a little thrown in from the Guides.

May is the fifth month of the year. If we add the 5 from May to the 6 for 2022 (2+0+2+2) we get 11.

By itself, 11 is a high vibrational number. It indicates interactions from the Angels and Higher Vibrational beings.

If we add the 1 and the 1 from the 11, we get 2.

I will admit that 2 is not necessarily my favorite number in numerology. Normally the vibration of 2 is slow. Everything slows down. Patience is a big theme. On the positive side of 2 is the vibration of love, connection, nurturing, and intuition. It is a very good number if you do intuitive readings for a living like I do. However, it is a very internal number. It requires a lot of time going within to seek wisdom and connect with the Divine or one's own soul. If you are in a hurry for something to happen, you may as well go have a cup of tea if it is a 2 day, or a 2 month, or a 2 year.

May is going to be a good month to set aside for spending time with people you love. However, since May is a 5 month all on its own, it tends to be a little unpredictable. It may be wise to plan some adventures or spontaneous outings with someone special. Listen to your inner voice. Be patient. Be nurturing to yourself and others.

In the tarot, the 2 card is the High Priestess. Since the 2 is derived from 11 this month, the 11 card is Justice.

If we look at these two cards together, we may expect some hidden knowlege (High Priestess) to bring some sort of justice or a balancing of the scales. If you have been less than transparent, beware. Your secrets may come to light this month or come calling for justice. Make amends if you have wronged anyone. Own up to your indescretions!

Sometimes we feel justice is not served when we see people seem to escape it that we feel are deserving of punishment. We all fall into the trap of becoming judge and jury in some cases. It is important to let go of the need to see justice done. Just know that the Universe is in charge and there is a balancing of the scales. We may not see it or recognize it, but it does happen. May we all understand that none of us have lived perfect lives. We all fall short of perfection and at times do regretable things. Some things seem to be forgivable and some not so much.

On the other hand, sometimes we have a tendency to give people we love or have high hopes for a free pass. We overlook character flaws because we see them through rose colored glasses. Many times we see the people closest to us the way we want them to be, or wish for them to be, rather than the person that they are at this moment in time. We who have spiritual eyes see others through the eyes of spirit, not necessarily through the eyes of the current state of the evolution of their soul. They may not be able to live up to the expectations we place on them. It is important to look at the ones we love as they are, not as we want them to be. Love is acceptance. It is important to accept those we love the way they are, while at the same time not put aside our own lives while waiting for them to catch up. If someone we love is presenting behavior that is not acceptable to us, we need to set boundaries or perhaps even remove ourselves from their company. This is not unloving! We can love someone while at the same time decide not to allow their behavior to be toxic to us. Sometimes removing them from our lives is the loving thing to do, not only for us but also for them. Without us they may be forced to face the character flaws that we have been overlooking or making excuses for.

Remember that justice is a two-edged sword. There will always be two sides to the story. One side is always going to rejoice that justice was served while the other side weeps for the opposite reason. Listen to both sides of any story before passing judgement or taking sides.

This month, it seems that we may be faced with some issues that we may have not been aware of before or perhaps we weren't looking at the whole story. Try to refrain from passing judgement, while at the same time giving anyone a free pass. If in doubt, seek guidance.


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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!

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