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January 2023 Thoughts and Themes

A new year is here!

Most of us can agree that 2022 was a bit challenging. We were in a universal 6 year, the number of relationships and karma. Anything that had not been healed or settled may have come up to be addressed once again. Whether or not we were able to heal it is a quite personal journey.

Don't worry. If you didn't heal it, it will come back again sometime for you to work on again.

In last week's blog post, I chatted about the number 7 in numerology and our universal 7 year.

You can read my past blog posts HERE.

January is the first month of the year. A month of new beginnings. January is the month when we make those New Year's resolutions. When we determine to live life in a new way. When we decide to let go of habits that are holding us back from living our best life. Most people have some sort of thoughts about what they want to create next in their experience, and in January, they begin to take steps towards some sort of goal.

In numerology, we add the 1 from January to the 7 for the year 2023 (2+0+2+3) and we arrive at the number 8.

I love the number 8. When I was beginning to awaken from my spiritual darkness, 8 was the number that first popped into my experience. I was actually listening to a preacher at one of my favorite spiritual retreat centers, and he must have been a bit of an out-of-the-box sort of preacher, because he began to talk about the significance of the number 8. In his way of thinking, 8 was the number of new beginnings after the completion of some sort of chapter. There are 7 days in a week, so the next day is the first day of a new week. In some sort of Christian or Judaic form of numerology, the number of Jesus' name is 888.

I can't say I woke up from my spiritual dark night immediately, but this was one of those moments when I realized that it was time for a new beginning. What I was doing was not working. I was sad. I was miserable. My life was a catastrophy. I was ready for a new beginning.

In traditional numerology, 8 is the number of money and power. It is the number of self-empowerment. When I decided to empower myself and begin my new life, I picked August 8 to do it. (8-8) I was a little bit naive and new in my understanding of numbers and did not consider that 8 and 8 actually add up to 16, so my new beginning did not come in a necessarily peaceful way. However, it eventually led me to the life I am now living.

Anytime the number 8 is present, you can be sure that money and power is a theme. It is considered a hugely lucky number in Chinese culture. People actually pay extra to have the number 8 present on their houses, or property. (I was told this by someone who spent time in China so I am relying on her experience and can't truly verify her testimony.)

I had a client who was having trouble selling their house. The house numbers added up to 16. This number not only adds up to 7 but is also the Tower card in the Tarot, not a great number. I suggested they buy a 1, paint it the color of the house so it is not necessarily visible and thought to be part of their house number, and place it next to their house number on their house. They did, and the next day had two viewings and within the month had sold their house!

With these thoughts in mind, January may prove to be a power packed month!

If you are working on empowering yourself in some way, January may be a month to do it! Since your personal numbers will differ from the universal numbers, this may or may not affect you personally, but the universal themes tend to have some sort of affect on us despite what personal numbers may be prominent.

However, the number 8 will be at play on the world stage. There may be struggles for power. There may be political announcements. The yearly theme of overcoming obstacles in tandem with the monthly theme of money and power will probably play out in some significant way. As I wrote this, I just heard the words "world bank". I am really not sure what that means but possibly money and the world will experience something significant this month.

In the tarot, the 8 card is the card of Strength.

You see here that this card depicts a woman and a lion. Depending on which deck you most align with, sometimes the struggle is real between the woman and the lion, but in this deck, the Rider-Waite, there is almost a sense of love and devotion between the two. To me, this represents making your biggest fears your friends and allies. Those things in your life which have most challenged you may come up for you to address and befriend. An enemy may become an ally. If you have had some sort of challenge with someone who has seemed to have the upper hand, you may begin to see another side to them, or reach some sort of agreement or alliance with.

The Strength card indicates the importance of inner strength. Of knowing who you are. Of self-empowering. Of accessing your inner lion.

January may be a great month to embark on some sort of journey to self-empowerment in an area of your life with which you struggle. Read a good book. Join a community of some sort that feels good to your soul. Start a new exercise program or wellness practice. Begin meditating or engage in some sort of spiritual practice.

Stand up for yourself! In the highest form, the number 8 and the Tarot card of Strength are urging you to take steps to live your most authentic life. If you have been giving away your power to someone or something that seems to suck the life out of you, be done with that or gain a new perspective on the situation.

You do you!

This month is a month when you begin to wake up to the next best version of yourself. Be excited for this opportunity to be your best self!


I am always excited to assist those who are ready to embark upon a path of self-empowerment. I am here to access your Divine wisdom and help you heal from all those fears, emotions and limiting beliefs that have held you back from being your authentic self.

You can make an appointment for a personal session here.

This year I will be releasing my next book! In my new book, I discuss various ways of increasing your psychic awareness, getting in touch with angels and guides, and employing various healing techniques to align yourself with your power and your sense of well-being.

This book is set to release soon. I know I have been talking about it for a year now, but it really is coming together now! I will be announcing details this month!

You can check out my books and see what events I have coming up here.

Thank you for allowing me to cheerlead you as you align with your best life!


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