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February 2022 Themes and Energies

It is my custom each month to share an overall theme for the next month based on numerology, tarot, and any other info I receive from my Guides.

I have shared previously that in numerology we are in a 6 year. 6 is the number of relationships, karma, freedom, and healing. The three twos in 2022 are also very significant. 2 is the number of connection, intuition, nurturing, patience and the sacred feminine. Its energy is very internal, intuitive, spiritual and feminine. These themes are likely to be with us for the entire year.

February is the second month of the year. Another 2! It is also the month of love. Valentine’s Day is in February. But if you add the 2 for February to the 6 for the year, you arrive at 8.

In numerology 8 is the number of power and money. Money is not necessarily good or bad. Money represents freedom. When we have it, we feel free and when we don’t, we feel unempowered. Money represents the ability to pay our bills and buy the things necessary to live life on the earth plane. Power also is often thought of in negative terms, but only when we think of people who misuse their power. It is often said that money and power rule the world.

I’ve always loved the number 8, even before I was introduced to numerology. Not because I loved money or power necessarily, but because to me, 8 represented a second chance. There are seven days in a week. The first day of the next week would be the 8th day. To me, in my former days of living a very un-empowered life where I always felt like I was a victim to circumstances or some higher power that seemed intent on dragging me through a knot hole backwards, the number 8 was a chance at a new beginning. It was an invitation to self-empower and re-invent myself. I would actually make big life decisions on 8 days. I would also notice big life events would happen organically on 8 days. This signified to me that a new chapter was beginning.

In tarot, the 8 card is the strength card. This card represents accessing that inner lion. It is a symbol of self-empowerment. To me it represents making your challenges your friends. Making an ally of a former enemy. The biggest friend we can have is ourselves!

If we look closely at this card, the lion seems completely enamored of the woman who is petting his head. That could mean a couple of different possibilities. It could mean that a former enemy becomes an ally, or it could mean that someone we trust may not be trustworthy. In both cases, it is important to access that inner wisdom and use discernment when aligning ourselves with others. Lions are large cats. Cats are often associated with self-empowerment, intuition, magic, and the spirit world. Cats are thought to be our protectors in the spirit world just as dogs are our protectors in our earth life.

February may be a month to get in touch with your inner lion. Trust your gut instincts. Don’t trust everyone, but you may end up making a friend of a former opponent. Empower yourself. Watch the world scene for shifts in money or power. It could go either way. Since we are in a 6 year, we may find those in power seeing a shift happening if they are not using their power for the greater good.

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Be well and see you next time!


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