If you have received a service from me that I told you was based strictly on donation, you can donate here! Or if you want to pay for a service that is not specifically described, you can do that here!


On Wednesday, December 4th, 2019 we will be having our monthly meditation and messages gathering. In this monthly gathering, I lead the group in a meditation, and then just allow Spirit to have control of the gathering. This means that there may be a group message from my Guides, there may be individual messages for the attendees, or we may as a group work on something an individual in the group is dealing with. Each gathering is completely led by Spirit so there is no specific direction.

There is no specific charge for this gathering. Donations are appreciated and graciously accepted.


DECEMBER 15, 2019: 1 to 3pm

124 Hidden Valley Lane

Winchester Virginia

Come take a journey to the Akashic records! This month we will combine the Shamanic practice of journeying and the Book of Records where all the wisdom for our many lifetimes, our soul's experiences and lessons learned, and all the records which in the Bible is called the Book of Life is kept. We will be accompanied by our Guardian and Wisdom Guide, and will receive some instruction or guidance from our Soul.

(Skype is available upon request)

Suggested donation : $30

Connecting to and Healing With Our Ancestors

DECEMBER 29, 2019 1 TO 3 PM

124 Hidden Valley Lane

Winchester Virginia

Connecting to and Healing With Our Ancestors

This is a makeup class for a series which I began in November. It has become clear that this is a subject I cannot cover in one month and I can't catch new people up. This is your last chance to join this series of classes where we will cover connecting to our ancestors and healing ancestral patterns which help both the living and the dead.

Suggested donation $30



Meditation and Messages

January 8, 2020

6:30 pm

124 Hidden Valley Lane

Winchester Virginia

Spend time in meditation and tune in for any messages from Spirit! This gathering is completely led by Spirit. There is no agenda other than the one the Guides have!

Donations accepted but not required


January 11, 2020 10 am to 4 pm

Come explore the energy of Reiki! This is an energetic healing modality passed down from Master Usui who received Divine transmission of this ability in the mid to late 1800s. In Reiki I we explore the history and application of the physical aspects of this energy. You will receive an attunement to the energy, practice your skills as well as receive a manual to take home! Lunch will be served.

 Class will be held at my home in Winchester Virginia.

124 Hidden Valley Lane.

Cost: $100

Pendulum 101

January is packed full! I did want to include a class on using pendulums to shift energy and receive answers in addition to all the other gatherings and classes. 

I do have pendulums to sell and will have them available before class.

Sunday, January 12  - 1 to 3 pm

suggested donation $30

Illuminate Fairfax

On Sunday, January 19 I will be in Fairfax Virginia all day doing readings at Illuminate Fairfax. My hubby, Clay Smith, paranormal researcher and I will be also giving a joing lecture on all things "woo woo". Don't miss it!!


Check out details here


January 25, 2020 10 am to 4 pm

In Reiki II, we explore the ability to send Reiki through time and space, as well as the emotional and mental benefits of the use of this healing modality. You will receive three Reiki symbols for use as needed, another attunement to the energies of Reiki. You will be given practical application of the use and, of course, practice! Lunch will be served and a manual to take home.

124 Hidden Valley Lane

Cost is $120

I am now offering in person private sessions in Winchester VA.
I also offer readings by phone and skype. You can prepay here and I will contact you to set up your appointment!
My experience as a spirit communicator, which can include talking to your Angels, Guides, pets, and loved ones on the other side, shamanic practitioner, and spiritual life coach may be exactly what you need to get back on track and move forward in your life!
I also can consult Spirit using tarot, oracles cards, and other divination techniques.
My normal price for an hour reading is $80, whether that be in person or by phone or skype. Half hour sessions are $40. 
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contact me
to set up your appointment
Do you have an upcoming event and want to add some variety for your guests? I am available to do events where I offer my services as a psychic medium both individually and to the entire group! You can set up space for me in a secluded section of your event to do private readings or allow me to peruse among your guests and offer connection with their loved ones or valuable information in an informal yet group environment. 
I also do "Spirit Circles" where each participant receives a message from the Spirit world while sitting in ceremony with the other participants. There is normally a group message from my Guides and individual messages for each participant from Guides, Angels or loved ones on the other side.
Prices vary according to size of group, location and event planner's preferences. Event planner's reading is free! Free reading happens at time of event. Non refundable deposit required to hold date and time.
Contact me for information!


I am happy to offer what I call Shamanic Reiki healing sessions. This is a combination of Reiki and Shamanic healing techniques that is completely personal to each participant. I take everything that I have learned or been given directly by Spirit to give you an experience in spiritual, emotional, and sometimes physical healing that is taylored specifically to you. You may hear from a loved one on the other side using my gifts as a medium. You may recieve a piece of your soul back through the ancient shamanic technique of soul retreival. I may extract energy blocks, balance your chakras, or retrieve your Power Animal or even introduce you to your Angels and Guides. I completely allow Spirit to direct the course of the session.


This unique experience is $100 and lasts about an hour. I do not perform this particular healing modality at public events. This is a private, intimate experience that normally occurs in Winchester, Virginia.


Contact me to schedule your experience today!


Prepay for your session here!

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