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Energy Vampires

October is a month when we become fascinated with all things out of the ordinary having to do with the supernatural.

I am not here to argue whether there are real beings out there who feed on human blood, however I have seen some things in the spirit world that don't seem human and don't appear to have our best interests at heart.

But what about those times when we find ourselves completely drained of energy, feeling an inexplainable fatigue after an emotionally draining conversation, a shopping trip, even a church service?

Is it possible that we can become victim to our life force being temporarily drained out of us, causing depression, sleepiness, illness, or a number of other symptoms?

The first time I really noticed this phenomenon was, believe it or not, back in the days when I was enthusiastically involved in a particular church. At some point, I noticed that after church I would need to go home and sleep all afternoon.

This sometimes happens when we go shopping or are out in large crowds of people. We may not even be interacting with them, but find ourselves completely exhausted.

Normally, the term energy vampire refers to people who seem to suck all of the air out of a room when they are around. They insist on turning every conversation around to be about them, or they are constantly complaining, whining, chatting non stop about some off the wall subject no one cares about,or just being generally hard to be around. You may have friends, acquaintances, or work associates who are always on the receiving end of advice, sympathy, or even love.

Yes! People you love can be energy vampires! If you find yourself always on the giving end of a relationship and never on the receiving end, you may have an energy vampire in your life. People in your life who "need" you, who feel lost or alone without you, who constantly stalk you in some way or another, you guessed vampire. Loving healthy relationships are those in which you enjoy being in each other's presence but you don't require their presence in order to be whole and complete.

Sometimes it is hard to detect when you have been drained by an energy vampire. You may think you are overworked, or perhaps you ate too big of a meal, or perhaps you are coming down with a bug.

It is important to be aware of changes in your energy field! If you woke up feeling fine but at some point realize that you feel like you just got ran over by a truck, there is a good chance you just got drained.

Energy vampires typically are alive humans who are pulling on and feeding off of your life force, but not always! There are many various forms of parasitic energy, including earthbound souls and non human energy forms. Strong emotions have the potential of creating their own semi-conscious state in the atmosphere. Many people fear demonic energy, which can also be parasitic. If a particular location has had a tragic event of some sort, it can carry a frequency that can penetrate your energy field and create a feeling of lethargy or exhaustion.

So what do we do? Are we victims to all of the energy floating around looking for some life force to feed on?

No! There are a variety of tools to protect your energy field from being drained.

The best tool you have is awareness. Be aware of your internal frequency. As much as possible, live in a state of joy and peace. If you do, it seems to almost inoculate you from the yucky stuff. Instead of allowing yourself to be vulnerable to attack, you spread the frequency of joy.

You can also use your words. An easy mantra to say when you are feeling off is, "I lovingly release and break any energetic cords that are non-beneficial."

Imagine filling yourself up energetically with liquid Love.

Mirrors are a good deflector tool. You can buy small mirrors at the dollar store and put them up facing out in areas where you know "bad" energy is coming from.

If you are aware of someone sending you negative thoughts, words, or even prayers, put a mirror facing outward toward the direction of their physical presence.

I recently adapted a version of a tool to allow someone the experience of their own energy field and it works to protect you in the process. Get two mirrors. Write their name on a piece of paper and place between the two mirrors that are facing towards one another. You are not harming them! You are simply protecting yourself and allowing them the experience of whatever energy they are putting out. This can be temporary or permanent, depending on the situation.

I was raised to always treat people with kindness and love, and turn the other cheek to those who treated me badly, however sometimes it is important to stand up for yourself! Don't allow bad behavior! Don't keep silent just to keep peace.

Be in charge of your energy field. Stay away from people or situations that drain you.

Be aware of the energy you are emitting. Be a beacon of love and light. This offsets anything to the contrary. When we love, we automatically refill our energy fields. Refill your energetic batteries often and you will find you are experiencing less interactions with energy vampires.


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