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Discerning of Spirits

Basic guidelines for receiving spiritual messages.

I just finished watching another news documentary on the nationally known story of the woman who saw Jesus and somehow in some series of events her husband was killed, her lover's wife died, her brother died, and after months of avoiding questions regarding her missing children, their bodies were discovered buried in her new husband's back yard. She now sits in a mental facility unable to stand trial for any of these charges. All of these events occurred following an apparent visitation from Jesus and the revelation that she had become immortal.

This begs the question that may be forefront in anyone's mind who has ever received communication from an other-than alive human being.

How do I know that my visitation from a Divine Presence or my spiritual revelation is authentic?

Back in my church-going days this ability to discern whether a spirit was communicating from the Divine or not was called "discerning of spirits."

Let's go over three key points in knowing whether or not your spiritual message is truly from some Divine Presence or perhaps a result of misguided beliefs, a misguided leader, or even a voice from the non-physical world that perhaps is not who it claims to be.

1. Does the message promote harm of self or others?

The Divine or any Benevolent Spirit is not going to instruct you to harm someone or yourself, for any reason. I don't care what the reason is. I am even averse to belief systems that kill animals for rituals, much less humans, although I realize this is the practice in many belief systems. I will admit to eating animals for food, but I normally have the practice of thanking them for giving their life so that I can go on living, and asking that any acts of kindness that I perform that they may share in the reward since some of their life essence lives on in me.

If any communication comes to you from a spirit or by means of psychic transmission of any sort that encourages you or instructs you to harm someone, that communication is not from a Benevolent Presence. We are also not the carriers out of justice, so it really doesn't matter what the person may have done or be involved in.

2. Is the message accepting of those who may believe differently?

The world is full of belief systems who seem to believe that their way is the only way. A lot of these belief systems claim to have received their revelations from a visitation from a Divine Presence. Who is right?

It is not my job to judge whether or not someone is right or wrong in what they believe about the Divine. I am not going to engage in any activity that maligns another belief system, whether that belief system is followed by millions and has been practiced for thousands of years, or has a follower of one. If I have a client who really believes something, and that belief is not hurting anyone or himself or herself, I will work with that belief to bring a sense of hope, healing and joy to them. It is not my job to try to change their mind.

3. Is the message in alignment with the law of Love?

Jesus said the only real laws were two: Love God (or your understanding of the Divine), and love your neighbor as yourself. He then went on to tell a story about who constitutes your neighbor, stressing that everyone is your neighbor whether you like them or not. Other belief systems also seem to have this rule. Thus, the third way of discerning whether or not a revelation or message is truly from a Divine Being is to ask yourself, "is this message loving?"

Being a deliverer of messages, I can sometimes agree that not all messages appear on the surface to be loving, but, at the core, really are. Even difficult circumstances many times have positive outcomes. Right before I left the church, which was my whole life at the time, I received the message that I would be betrayed by a friend, lose everything that held importance to me, and feel lost for awhile but in the end I would thank the friend for saving my life. That happened exactly as I was told.

Sometimes I use tarot cards to deliver messages. Some of the cards are scary! However, I can say with certainty that I have never told someone a message, no matter how difficult, that did not have a positive outcome or some sense of hope of some kind. Sometimes life is hard. Sometimes bad things happen. We can't discount difficult experiences. But I will never tell someone something that is meant in any way to harm them or create sorrow or fear or try to manipulate or control them or extract large sums of money from them. When you are the recipient of a difficult message, was there any sort of solution or resolution or feeling of hope you derived from the message? Did the message inspire you to feel hope or hopeless? Love or fear? Freedom or control? Is the person delivering the message going to benefit in a way that is out of proportion to the message?

Spiritual leaders who extract large sums of money from their followers or abuse or manipulate their followers in a variety of ways are a dime a dozen these days. We have all heard of the spiritual leaders who convinced their followers to do crazy things. There is an HBO series specifically making fun of religious people who are self-absorbed, con people out of money, and convince their followers to do some unethical if not illegal things! Use a bit of logic when listening to those who claim to be communicating with the Divine.

In no way am I saying that I don't believe anything that is out of the ordinary. I do!

I believe some very unusual or unlikely things are not only possible, but likely. I believe other dimensions most likely exist close to ours. I believe there is some form of the other side. I believe extra-terrestrials most likely exist. I believe Bigfoot may exist in some form either in this world or in some dimension. I believe when our body dies our consciousness lives on in some form. I believe Angels most likely exist but may not be what we think they are. I believe plants and animals have their own form of conscious awareness and it is possible to communicate with them. I believe there is a world we cannot necessarily see with our physical eyes. I believe there are most likely both friendly and unfriendly forms of conscious awareness of some kind.

I believe that everything I believe is up for discussion and not necessarily set in stone.

However, the most important thing I believe is the law of love. Love is the most powerful force in the universe and I try to weigh everything I do or say within the framework of the law of love.

I love you if you agree with me and I love you if you don't. But I will not argue with you or try to convince you of my way of thinking.

Let us be kind. Let us love each other. Let us agree to disagree. Let us harm none.


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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!


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