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Creating Change in the Midst of Disaster

The past few days we have been pummeled with tragedy and dismal news reports. Multiple mass shootings in only a few days. Political upheaval. Ongoing and seemingly unending investigations and scandals involving people who are in places of power. Unjust wars and death of the innocent. We who are spiritual are in a position where even though we know we should be visualizing a peaceful earth, one in which we all love each other and live peacefully in tandem with our natural surroundings and our fellow earth inhabitants, it is hard to ignore the evidence to the contrary. We don't know what the future holds or if our children will even have a place to live where they can breathe clean air and eat healthy food.

As a person who delivers messages from the spirit world for a living, it is my job to stay positive and offer hope when the evidence seems dismal. It is my understanding that it is fairly normal for souls who have incarnated to assist the earth in some area of service to sometimes feel discouraged or overwhelmed when the job seems too big or results seem to be delayed or completely nonexistent. I wouldn't necessarily say I feel discouraged a lot, but occasionally the intensity of tragedy seems a bit overwhelming. The emotions that fill the air from collective tragedy create much turmoil in my clients and people around me. I continually fill my energy field with The Divine Presence in order to counter those intense emotions I feel coming from all around.

For the past month or so, I have shifted my daily meditation a bit to an exercise in channeling in the energy of the Divine into my body through visualizing various scenes in a healing temple of various rooms. I found these meditations in a wonderful book called, Healing Yourself With Light.

Today I went into a room in the Healing Temple called the room of mirrors. In this room, there are 100 mirrors reflecting the vision you have of yourself. In the meditation, your job is to shift how you see yourself to a more empowered, healed, and joyful version of yourself. See yourself the way the Divine sees you.

Immediately in my meditation my Guides began by saying that it is not only our personal story that needs to be shifted. It is the vision we collectively have of the world, of humanity, and of the future of the planet. I will admit my own vision has not always been hopeful. I see climate change. I see how our planet is no longer sustainable for the amount of people who are alive and trying to survive. I see mass shootings and the anger that runs rampant in many people over their own circumstances or how they view mass injustices. I see how the media rarely reports any hopeful viewpoints or stories. I see how many people are addicted to fear and anger.

However, my Guides pointed out that we don't need to really know how all of these issues will be solved when we are tasked with creating a better future through our spiritual practice. We don't really even need to know the outcome. Our job is only to embody the energy of Divine Light and Love and hold that energy in our bodies as we radiate it out into the world. In the room of mirrors, shift the vision you have of the world to one where peace and love reign supreme. Where the air we breathe is healthy and the food we eat provides us with the nutrients our body craves. Where all children of all races, beliefs, cultures, and countries can play together without fear. Where there is no need for violence or guns because no one needs protection or feels the need to retaliate against an enemy, real or imagined.

For a moment, I protested with the Guides. I said to them, "it is a little hard to visualize a happy outcome if you are standing on the deck of the Titanic watching it sink."

They laughed at me a little.

"Your job is not to figure out the outcome." They said. "Your job is to radiate Love out of your heart and see the sun shining. You need to know that however the story ends up playing out, that you will be okay. You can't see how that same story plays out for everyone else because you are not the player in their story. But you can offer them hope and help them see an alternate ending to the story. Send love and healing energy to all who are suffering and leave the outcome unfinished. Because it is never the end of the story."

It is only January and this "7" year is starting out to be a bit challenging already. This is not uncommon in a 7 year. But 7 is a hugely powerful spiritual number. It is a year to really focus on your spiritual practice. Imagine a world where we all live in peace and love each other. If you see evidence to the contrary, send Divine Love and Light to the situation for the highest good for everyone concerned. If you get weary or discouraged because your intentions and prayers don't seem to be working and things are not getting better, don't give up! Align yourself with The Light and go into the room of mirrors. See the mirrors reflecting a world you want to live in. See the mirrors reflecting your own personal life as one of health, prosperity, peace and joy.

Allow the Angels or Benevolent Helpers to assist you to see a more positive version of yourself and the world.

Together we can create the world we visualize by believing it to be so and then taking appropriate actions to bring this world about. Don't support groups of people who use violence, hate, anger or fear to bring those changes they seek. Remove yourself from conversations that don't feel good to you. Offer hope and the vision of an alternative outcome.

I can't guarantee the end result. I can't guarantee life will turn into a bowl of cotton candy and rainbows.

But if you feel better in the process, the ride will be a lot more enjoyable.


Thanks for being a tool of change in the world by holding the energy of Light wherever you find yourself in the world!

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Thanks for reading! I appreciate your support and interest in creating a happier world, both within yourself and in the larger community. You are appreciated. Know you are doing more than you think you are. You are loved.



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