Celebrate the New Moon with Me!!

This coming Thursday, June 10, we have what is commonly known as a New Moon. In reality, the new moon is when that first little sliver of moon appears a day or so later, but that's another story.

I decided to coincide a promotion for the latest release of my book, Journey to Joy, with the newness of the moon and the solar eclipse that is accompanying it.

Many people find themselves struggling with their beliefs this month. The truths that once were the foundation of their identity are being called up for examination and reassessment.

Paired with the themes for June which I discussed in my previous blog, which are the Sacred Feminine and Justice, we are all being called to reinvent our understanding of the Divine, Spirituality, and our place within the grid of consciousness.

My awakening occurred after thirty-something years of blind devotion to my faith. Faced with an awakened ability to hear messages from the Divine, I was hearing messages that didn't quite fit into the little box of beliefs I had existed within for the totality of my life. I was forced to re-examine and re-assess my place within the fabric of faith. It did not occur overnight.

If you find yourself in the throws of an awakening, let me assure you, it is not all cotton candy and roses.