The Sacred Feminine and Justice

This month we may notice these themes coming into play in our lives.

What do I mean when I say "Sacred Feminine?"

Last month I had veered away from doing a message for the month on YouTube. This month a couple of things happened that seemed to steer me back in this direction.

A couple of nights ago I had a dream.

I dreamed I was out with my two granddaughters. I had stopped to get gas and they got out of the car and came around to where I was pumping gas.

This was a dream so don't freak out at what happened next!

My two precious granddaughters opened their mouths as if they were thirsty and, despite knowing that gasoline is poisonous to little girls, I began giving them a drink from the gas nozzle!!


I woke up mortified.

I would never in a million years do anything to harm my little girls!

What does this mean?

I began to think of things we do as adults that are poisonous to our little children, girls in particular.

Do we body shame?

Do we compare one child against another?

Do we consciously or unconsciously teach our children what is acceptable or what is not in relationship to their bodies, their roles as females, their abilities or lack thereof, their acceptable or unacceptable ways of behaving?

This month is LGBTQ Pride month. This month we are being called to examine sexuality. How we view it, how we treat people who view it differently than we do, and what we can do to raise awareness to and bring justice or equality to everyone, no matter what their sexuality or gender.

These themes are extremely prevalent this month. The cards for the month are the High Priestess and Justice.

I find the cards for the month through numbers and my understanding of numerology.

June is a the 6th month of the year.

2021 is a 5 year. (2+0+2+1)

5+6 is 11.

1+1 is 2.

The High Priestess is the 2 card in tarot and Justice is the 11 card.

This month Spirit asks us to bring into focus the feminine aspect of the Divine. Womens' issues and the Sacred Feminine may be important themes. Bringing justice where things have gotten out of balance. We may see some justice for the underdog. We may see secrets being revealed.

For centuries traditional spiritual roles have been assigned to men. As a child, I knew I had some spiritual mission, but I noticed that the biggest role a woman could hold in the church was to be married to the man in charge. Even the main spiritual characters were men. Father God, Jesus the son, and the Holy Ghost were all men. The disciples were men, the prophets were men, the kings and priests... all men.

I did end up in a church where it was a little better. Prophets were allowed to be women and the pastor's wife was at least in theory almost equal to her husband.

But it certainly wasn't acceptable to be anything other than heterosexual. One of my dearest friends in those days struggled with his sexuality and attempted to hide it from his church family. He ended up dying from Aids.