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Awakenings- The Best Worst Day of Your Life

The realization hit me like a ton of bricks.

The land under my feet is alive!

Battle cries from ancient warriors radiated from under the earth. The stench of death wafted in the breeze and the sensation of warm blood trickling between my toes both startled and terrified me.

I was standing on a piece of land owned by a church, but I was feeling and sensing something very different.

What are you trying to tell me? I reached out to my Higher Guidance System for answers.

My head could not wrap myself around this truth. I certainly did not believe that the dead could cry out from beneath the ground, despite childhood memories of that very thing, intentionally blocked from years of traditional Christian upbringing.

But something had changed.

At this moment in time, I heard the dead calling out for resolution. I tasted their blood on my tongue. I felt the stench of their sweat brush up against my arm. The land was alive with an ancient memory. I had been chosen to bring healing.

For years I have looked back on this original event as one of many events which transpired to lead me to another moment in time which I assumed was the moment that defined me.

But I was wrong.

In this moment, I changed. I awakened to the realization that my viewpoint of the world and my mission in life was not exactly what I thought. After this date, many things in my life changed. Not all of them were pleasant. But they changed because I changed. The subsequent moments were not the shift. They were a result of the shift.

Many times, we look back on our lives at moments that changed the course of our lives. But is it possible that the real shift happened much sooner than we thought? Is it possible that the big shifts are a result of an inner shift, an inner knowing, a hint of awakening, which then altered the course of our lives forever?

How do you know when you are awakening to a new version of yourself?

Here are some possibilities.

1. Something you believe in strongly begins to fall apart.

2. The evidence does not match the belief.

3. Your inner knowing tells you something is off.

4. Signs, synchronicities, dreams, or events begin to support the realization.

5. Your old life begins to fall apart.

Believe it or not, this is a moment to celebrate! The old is making way for the new!

If you are going through a life shift, know that after this your life will never be the same.

Yes, loss is often involved, and it hurts.

But one day, you will look back at this moment. And you will know.

This is the day I woke up.


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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!


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