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August Themes and Energies

Today finds us a few days into August! If you go back and read my thoughts on July, based on numerology and tarot, you can see how the energies played out both collectively as a human race as well as how they reflected your own personal experience of the month. We were shocked by the loss of a world leader in July, as well as a couple of other leaders stepping down from their positions of power. The cards of Death and the Emperor clearly popped out at me as I wrote last month's blog post, although I downplayed their possibilites and tried to make it more personal rather than global. The card of Death is not always a sign of the loss of life, but normally indicates a time of leaving one aspect of life and moving on to the next, however, there is obviously always the possibility.

This month we enter a "5" month in numerology. Five is the number of change and movement. If you say, "Hey, didn't we have enough change last month," hold on, change rarely comes and goes quietly in the night without leaving some clean up or adjustments in its wake. As I mentioned in last week's blog post, five is an unpredictable number.

On a positive note, if July was particularly difficult for you, August may be a bit of a breath of fresh air. Change is not always challenging. Maybe the change happening this month means change for the better!

The highest expression of it is the often referred to "fifth plane of existence" where the more highly evolved beings hang out. As you can see from the following two tarot cards, the Temperance card and the Heirophant, both have references to a spiritual purpose.

August is the eighth month of the year, and when we add the six for 2022, we get fourteen. The fourteenth Tarot card is Temperence. It normally signifies finding balance, peace and spending time in nature. The large presence of the Angel in this card signifies spending time with your spiritual practice. This coincides with the fifth card in the Tarot, the Heirophant, which is a man resembling a spiritual leader having some sort of influence over his followers. This card also sometimes indicates being of spiritual service to others, examining your beliefs, or thinking about who or what you allow to influence you.

You may find that August is calling upon you to spend a little more time in service to others, engaging in your spiritual practice, or examining your beliefs. Whatever changes are going on around or within you, the energies at play are calling you to go within, find your sense of peace and balance, and extend it out to others.

August 8 is an important date all on its own. It is known as the Lionsgate Portal, and has a significant spiritual meaning. It is thought that the veil between this plane of existence and the fifth plane is a little thin on this day, and the opportunity to find blessings being poured on you are more likely. You may find whatever you consider your Higher Power shining a little extra strong on this date. In numerology, eight is considered a lucky number, and August 8 (8-8) is making this day extra special.

If you really want to connect with your benevolent helpers, angels, or your understanding of The Divine, August 8 may be an excellent day to do so! Be sure to be thankful for the blessings poured out on you today. Think of offering some sort of gift to the Universe for whatever blessings come your way.

On the other hand, the other "5" cards in the tarot often refer to more challenging aspects to everyday life.

As you can see, these cards refer to challenges in relationships, money, communication, and even our own inner self. I don't normally share the minor cards of the Tarot for the month, but since the energy this month feels very uncertain, I want to encourage you to be very careful in your everyday dealings in life. Be good and kind to others, always forgive, without giving bad behavior a free pass. Yes, maintain healthy boundaries. Release toxic people from your life. But try to avoid judging others or rejoicing when karma seems to visit those with severe character flaws.

August energy is unpredictable. The best way to ensure that you come to the end of August in a positive frame of mind is to spend extra time in whatever your spiritual practice or your sense of well being dictates. Take a little time to examine your beliefs and release the ones that no longer serve you or are found to be flawed.

Be kind.

As always, if you enjoy my blog posts, I also offer a message of the day on Facebook and Instagram. I do private sessions via phone, Zoom and in person in Winchester Virginia. I have monthly gatherings and classes and the occasional event where you can meet me in person. You can find links to my books, events, and appointment calendar HERE.

We are all in this together!

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