August Themes and Energies

Today finds us a few days into August! If you go back and read my thoughts on July, based on numerology and tarot, you can see how the energies played out both collectively as a human race as well as how they reflected your own personal experience of the month. We were shocked by the loss of a world leader in July, as well as a couple of other leaders stepping down from their positions of power. The cards of Death and the Emperor clearly popped out at me as I wrote last month's blog post, although I downplayed their possibilites and tried to make it more personal rather than global. The card of Death is not always a sign of the loss of life, but normally indicates a time of leaving one aspect of life and moving on to the next, however, there is obviously always the possibility.

This month we enter a "5" month in numerology. Five is the number of change and movement. If you say, "Hey, didn't we have enough change last month," hold on, change rarely comes and goes quietly in the night without leaving some clean up or adjustments in its wake. As I mentioned in last week's blog post, five is an unpredictable number.

On a positive note, if July was particularly difficult for you, August may be a bit of a breath of fresh air. Change is not always challenging. Maybe the change happening this month means change for the better!

The highest expression of it is the often referred to "fifth plane of existence" where the more highly evolved beings hang out. As you can see from the following two tarot cards, the Temperance card and the Heirophant, both have reference