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August is Upon Us!

These cards look a little scary at first glance, and they can be!

August is an 8 month, and we are in a 5 year. 8 + 5 = 13. For centuries people have hailed 13 as a number of bad luck. I am not sure who decided that Death would be the thirteenth card of the Tarot. Did the fear of the number 13 come first, or did the Death card come first? Who knows?

If you break 13 down, 1 + 3 = 4. And here we have the Emperor card.

At first glance, you may think the Tarot is predicting the death of someone in power. I am not saying this is not a possible interpretation of this combination, but I am going to bypass that interpretation for now. It would not hurt to send the energy of Divine Light to all those in positions of power or to those who find themselves in charge in some way. I always send Divine Love and Light to bring about the highest and best outcome for the benefit of everyone concerned and then leave the details up to the Divine.

Let's put that aside for now and think about other possible meanings for the Death card. Traditionally I do not necessarily associate the Death card with a physical death, although that certainly can be a possibility. Death is the ending of one phase of existence and the birth to a whole new experience of consciousness beyond what is known in this realm. The Emperor is a card of rulership, yes, but also a card of responsibility, organization, power, structure, and rules. If we have Death and the Emperor together, maybe Spirit and the Tarot are calling us to shift the way we do things. Maybe some of our rules and regulations are outdated and in need of a transformation into a more evolved and aware way of living our lives.

Is the way you are living your life working?

Is there something in your life that is in need of a transformation? Perhaps this is the month to change the way you do things. Maybe it is time to leave a portion of your life behind that is not working.

Maybe it is time to get organized!

Leave behind those areas of your life that are no longer life to you.

So how can you do this?

If you find yourself in need of an overhaul of some kind, some time of inner contemplation may be needed. Focus on those things which are ready to be released. Just before the dark moon may be a good time to do this. August 8 is set to be a particularly intense dark moon according to my friends the astrologers. Some will sail right through and some will find it to be particularly intense. If you find this time really shaking you up, maybe it is time to surrender to the Universe and finally let go of some of that energetic slime that has been holding you back from living your best life.

August 8 is also what is known as the Lionsgate Portal. It is a particularly good day to connect with your spiritual side and have some intense spiritual experiences. Open up to your experience of the Divine energy and sit with that in the dark of the moon. Don't ask for anything. Just sit in the Divine Presence and allow your highest good to come to you.

I have always loved August 8 since I decided 8 was my favorite number. 8 is the number of self-empowerment. Sometimes this has to do with money and power, but to me, August 8 is the day many years ago I finally stood up and owned my own sense of power over my own life. I stopped living my life with guilt and shame, putting everyone else's needs above my own. August 8 is a good day to decide to own your life. This does not mean that you are self centered or selfish. It means that you are valuable. You are responsible for your own life and your own happiness and you decide what is allowed in your life and what is not. You cease to be a victim. You are solely the one in charge of your own happiness.

That does not mean that I don't love and appreciate all of the other people in my life or that I would not give my life for them. It means that they are not responsible for my happiness.

Sometimes we need to set aside the busi-ness of life and just sit in the present moment. Don't look to the past or the future. Don't whine about what is not working. Be present in the now. Set aside some time this month and just be.

Leave behind all that has weighed you down and move on in the next best expression of your soul.

All is well.


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