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April Insights

Every month, I offer insights on the upcoming month based on numerology, the tarot, and any other tidbits of wisdom gleaned from my Higher Guidance System, which I affectionately call "the Guides."

In numerology, April is a "1" month, the number of new beginnings. We arrive at this number by adding the 4 from April being the fourth month of the calendar year with the 6 from adding up the numbers in 2022. We arrive at "10" which then reduces to "1" in numerology, but has a part to play in the tarot which we will cover in a minute.

You can look back on the message about March HERE, which was a "9" month, the number of endings, completion, and offering up ourselves in service to others. Sometimes it is helpful to look back after the month is over and see how those energies played out in your life. Remember that your personal numbers do not always match the universal numbers and are based on your own date of birth, but the universal energies affect your own personal energies, in much the way the pandemic affected all of our lives in different ways, no matter what our personal numbers said.

Just as the number 1 is the first number, its meaning is all about new beginnings. It seems perfect that spring is beginning to become more of a reality this month, and the long cold winter begins to make way for longer days and warmer temps, depending on where in the world you are. This month is also the celebration of Easter. You will begin to see eggs and bunnies all over the place, both symbols of new beginnings. It used to be that rabbits were used to predict pregnancies! I am not so sure it faired well for the rabbit, but nevertheless, new birth is upon us.

Birth is not just about babies. Birth is all about bringing new life into our world. Something that was once just a thought is now becoming a reality. If you are moving into a new or different version of yourself, you are right in line with the energies of this month!

We saw last month the call from our soul to spend some time going within ourselves to seek wisdom, to engage in our spiritual practice, to go looking for that which was not necessarily apparent out in our day to day lives. Secrets may have come to light, both in the world scene and in our personal lives. This month we get to decide how the information that became clear is going to play out in our day to day lives. What new aspect of ourselves are we going to birth? What new adventures will we embark upon? What new version of ourselves will we create?

The cards in the tarot that are in play are the Magician, the Fool and the Wheel of Fortune, shown here in the Dark Forest Vintage Tarot cards.

All of these cards have something in common. All of them point to the birth or creation of something new in our lives. The Magician calls us to create what we want to experience in our lives with intention and focus. The Fool implores us to embark upon a new path, but be aware of our surroundings, and the Wheel of Fortune says that change is upon us, like it or not. We may decide to move or travel. We may create short or long excursions to new and different places or to experience life in a different way. This may come as a result of how last month played out in your life personally, or it may be a choice that you consciously make.

Our lives are up to us, but in the understanding and awareness that we are part of a larger picture, that of who we are in relationship to our fellow Earth companions. However, this theme of our connection to others or to the world at large may not completely play out until next month. This month we are mostly focused on ourselves and our place and part in creating the next version of ourselves. We may be a little self-focused this month, and that is okay, as long as we understand we can't stay there forever.

April is a month of new beginnings. What new things are in store for you? What new beginnings will you create?


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Thanks for reading to the end!!

I appreciate you and thank you for being a part of my work!


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