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All About Karma - Part 1

What is karma, anyway?

Depending on what spiritual "guru" or belief system you subscribe to, karma is different things to different people, but most people agree that karma is payback for things you have done, and even sometimes things you have thought or felt but not acted on!

Karma, then, could be defined as a balancing of the scales.

It is commonly something we wish upon someone who, for whatever reason, we think deserves some punishment but, in our eyes, has not experienced any repurcussions or consequences for some behavior.

Karma is not just punishment for the bad stuff. It is also being "rewarded" for the good stuff! Many times we forget that part. If you have tirelessly and without thought of compensation been acting with kindness and compassion, know that the Universe takes notice. You may experience a sort of payback for all those acts of kindness. Even if the payback comes in the form of a feeling of well-being and not necessarily a monetary thing.

But let's talk a bit more about how many of us normally think of karma.

From our perspective in a human body living a human life having human experiences, we want to see people pay.

Jesus said that in the end we would be judged not only for our actions, but for our inner thoughts and desires. In other words, to quote Jesus, even if we don't have an affair with the neighbor's wife but we really want to, we may as well have done it.

This is almost an impossible standard to attempt to live by! Not that I have desired my neighbor's wife or anything of the sort, but who can say they have not had a thought that was not kind and loving? Who of us can say we have not wished that a person we consider "bad" would receive some sort of punishment?

In numerology, the number associated with karma is 6.

This is also the number of relationships, freedom, and in the tarot, love.

The year 2022 is going to be a "6" year. (2 + 0 + 2 + 2 = 6)

Think back to October of 2021. October was a universal "6" month. (HERE is my blog about October 2021)

Although I did not specifically mention the karma aspect of the number 6, as the month rolled on, I became aware of a theme. Actually, one day I was doing my walking meditation and Spirit joined me and reminded me of the karma aspect of the number 6.

To me, karma is all about the law of sowing and reaping. You reap what you sow.

I think the reason Jesus mentioned the whole thinking part of karma is because most of the time, actions occur because we have been thinking or feeling a certain way, often for quite awhile. When we eliminate a pattern of thought or a difficult or trapped emotion, then our experience of karma may shift.

In my experience, as I am evolving as a soul, I tend to notice karma happening more quickly. If someone cuts me off in traffic and I have a less than loving reaction, normally within a few minutes I have inadvertantly done the same thing to someone else.

Karma, you see, is not just punishment for things we have done. It is reaping the seeds we have sown. And the seeds are not just actions. If we continually sow seeds of feelings of abandonment, for example, we will continually be given opportunities to feel abandoned.

If we sow green bean seeds, we are not going to reap corn.

If we desire to see someone else reap what they have sown, those feelings of desire for revenge or punishment are going to mess up our own experience of life.

Let us take this one step further.

The year 2022 may be a year of karma for many.

Have you been abusing the resources of the earth? We all, collectively, are guilty. It is time to turn the tides and begin to behave responsibly with our natural resources. Support programs that are earth friendly and sustainable as much as possible.

Politically, well, I am not even going there but various forms of deception have been going on for centuries. Each of us has our own idea of who needs to experience justice and who is acting in the best interests of the whole. The truth is, until we learn to work together as a team, we will never resolve political issues. But we may see some uncovering of truth and karma may come calling for those who have acted in ways unbecoming to public service.

So how do we resolve karma?

Can we eliminate a pattern of reaping negative experiences due to either unresolved emotions, beliefs or actions?


All we have to do is stop watering the seeds we have already sown!

If I stop feeding the feral cats that come daily to my house, they will stop showing up. If I stop watering the plants in my home, they will eventually die.

The way to reverse karma is to stop doing, saying, thinking or feeling the same things that are giving you the experiences you are currently having.

That sounds easy but what about the emotions and beliefs you are blind to?

A session with me may help! In my healing sessions with clients, we go into your energy field and find those limiting beliefs and trapped emotions that are creating havoc in your life. The Guides direct the session, as well as your intentions or desires to heal a specific issue. You can book your appointment HERE.

The title mentions this is part 1 of my thoughts about karma and the message the Guides gave me. In part 2 we will chat about karma that we may be reaping that is not even ours and other ways to eliminate it.

The truth is, we are all doing the best we can given our current mindset, set of life experiences, and family conditioning and ancestry.

Let's give each other a break and send love and kindness to all.


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