October - 2021 - Themes

October is a month of changes. Being the tenth month of the year, in numerology and in the tarot, ten is the number of changes. Unlike the five, which also has a theme of change, the change is often a bit slower and possibly more predictable or even planned. We know that when October rolls around the weather is going to change some. Here in Virginia, the leaves begin to glow bright reds and yellows, the air is a bit more crisp, and we will probably experience our first frost. But these changes are predictable. They are welcomed by many, and feared by others, but fairly predictable.

As I have mentioned in previous blogs, 2021 is a year of change. The numbers add up to 5. Five is the number of fast, sometimes unpredictable change. So the theme of October is adding to the yearly theme. But when you add the five from 2021 and the 10 from October, you get 15. and 5+1 is 6. In numerology, 6 is the number of relationships.

In the tarot, both the 6 card and the 15 card represent relationships. The difference lies in whether that relationship is feeding your soul or holding you captive.

When you take these themes of change, relationships, freedom versus control, you will find the theme for October.

Whether this plays out in a love relationship, a work relationship, a friendship, your relationship with a job, an organization, a religion, a political party, or some other connection you have in your life, this month is a month to examine how you fit into the dynamics of that relationship.

Is it still feeding your soul?

Does it make you feel good?

When you think about your relationship with a certain person or organization, what is the first emotion that comes up? Does that emotion expand your sense of joy or feel like a rock in the pit of your stomach?

This month, take some time to examine who or what you align yourself with. Does a belief or passion still resonate with you? Do you feel joy when you think about it or them?

How are you feeling about your relationship with yourself? Are you happy with your path in life?

Although we often go through times of re-examining relationships we have with people, organizations, belief systems or ourselves, this month the energies of spirit are encouraging you to really spend some time focusing on how aligned you are with your soul's purpose and those who are traveling your life path with you.

Some re-alignment may be necessary.

October this year is my fortieth high school class reunion. I don't even recognize the person I was when I was eighteen. I spent a little time examining who I am now versus who I was when I was eighteen. Would I even know anyone? Would anyone know me? What would we talk about?

My senior year of high school, my parents sent me to a Mennonite-run high school, mostly because I found it difficult to relate socially with kids my own age. Public school was a disaster for me. I often battled depression. Perhaps they thought I would find myself.

I was the only one in the school who was not Mennonite. I was also extremely shy and barely got to know anyone in the school. My only claim to fame was that I was one of the few students who had a car, so I was often the one who was tasked with carrying as many as I could fit into my Galaxy 500 (that is a car, not a phone, to my younger readers.) and going into town to our favorite hangout, Spanky's.

Somehow the organizers of the reunion found me, and I ended up in an email thread about the reunion. I learned that many of my fellow classmates were happily involved in