All About Career and Money

Last week in my blog about love, I mentioned that love was one of two hot topics when people reach out to me for readings. What is the other topic?

You guessed it! Money and career.

I have had the gift of living on both sides of the coin when it comes to money. No, I have never been a millionaire, but at this point in my life, I am living the life that is comfortable. I have enough to pay my bills and a little bit extra, which is what I feel is a good way to be.

A few years ago, however, life was not that way. From the time I turned twenty until my late thirties, life was a struggle. I could make $20 feed a family of three for a week. I once spent a week at the beach in a tent because we could not afford a room. I have had furniture and cars repossessed. I have slept on the floor and sat on lawn chairs because that is all we had in the house.

I could insert here that abundance is different for everyone. When I was sitting alone in my low-rent apartment with no furniture and a mattress on the floor to sleep on, I was of all people most blessed. I never felt destitute. However, I understand that for a lot of people looking from the outside in, I was in dire straits.

So I understand the struggle for money and the idea that one needs a certain standard of living to be considered abundant.

At some point in time, I learned a few lessons that eventually changed my circumstances.

The first principle is this:

Money is a vibration.

Money, in itself, is not good or bad. It is completely neutral. The thoughts, beliefs, and emotions we have about money is what creates our experience with it!

When we have a belief about money, this could be a belief that is passed down from our ancestors, one that we acquired from experience, or one we brought in with us from other lifetimes.

Here are some common beliefs:

  • Money is hard to come by.

  • The only money worth having is what you work for

  • People with money are rude, arrogant, etc (you fill in the blank)

  • The love of money is the root of all evil

  • Money burns a hole in my pocket

You get the picture. There are a thousand beliefs we may think of that we have or that we have heard, either from our parents, our belief system, our culture, or from our experience with it.

The truth is, the only reason you do or do not have money, or a better term may be abundance, is because you are not a vibrational match to it.

We are tied to a particular vibration in regards to money from those with whom we are connected.

I may have a really good vibration in regards to abundance, but if someone keeps going in my wallet and taking whatever is there and spending it all, I will not prosper.

You are never going to be more abundant than the people you hang out with! This could be family members, a belief system, a culture, or any collective energy that you find yourself spending time with. Poverty mentality is contagious! Also, you may be able to achieve a certain level of abundance, but the people you hang out with are going to suck it out of you or cause you to lose it, spend it, or in some way part with it.