Healing Ancestral Patterns

Whether we like to admit it or not, we are all offspring of our ancestors. Those who came before us, with all their strengths and weaknesses, accomplishments and mistakes, heroics and mystery, have a part in the person we are today.

We love to talk about those ancestors who accomplished great things, or perhaps just were really good people. Thankfully, we get to ride on the tailcoats of our really good ancestors. Once they pass on, they easily find resolution to their lives and move on the place in the Light where they can assist us as we traverse through life. Those are the ones who love to send various signs to signal to us which path to choose, warn us of impending danger or nudge us toward or away from a particular crossroads we may be facing.

You may be able to point to an ancestor and say, "this is why I am really good at art." or "this is why I have a knack for taking care of those suffering from dementia." or "this is why I can cook."

But we are all human. None of lived lives of perfection. Even the best ancestor had moments of doubt, fear, loss and, yes, even made some human errors in judgement.

Ever wonder why you seem unable to shake a recurring bad habit? Or perhaps why even when you buy a new car, it seems to have mechanical problems? That can be inherited too!

I once had a client whose father used to steal car parts out of cars sitting on the side of the street and resell those parts. He was a teenager at the time and he grew out of the practice, however, even as an older person, he never could seem to own a car that didn't have mechanical problems. When his daughter was of the age that she could own a car, she seemed to inherit the distressing pattern. Any car she really liked would end up wrecked in short order, usually through no fault of her own, or in need of mechanical work. As soon as one problem would be fixed, another would present itself.

Cars symbolically represent our path in life, and often we manifest car problems when we are unhappy with the direction of our lives. When we had eliminated that possiblity, we focused on the ancestral link.

It had not escaped her attention that the experience of cars that were always in need of repair seemed to have been passed down to her. Doing some declarations of release that broke ancestral tendencies immediately gave her a sense of relief! Moving on, we began to dig into limiting beliefs regarding transportation.

"My father always has cars that break down. I am doomed to suffer the same fate."

Many times these beliefs are well hidden. Emotions like helplessness, blame, and anger empower these beliefs.

So many times we are unaware of the link to our present circumstances and something hidden that is energetically creating the experience.

Can you point to a family tendency that seems to recurr often in the experience of members of the family?

This may be a tendency to attract romantic partners who are unfaithful, or perhaps the men in the family have health issues that force the women to take the lead financially. Yes, of course, many times health issues tend to run in families, but what about life experiences?

Those patterns can be resolved!


A private session with me often exposes the original belief or trapped emotion from the ancestor that started the pattern. Sometimes the original pattern began centuries ago and is inherent in a culture, a belief system, or an ethnic group. We are energetically connected to any group that we identify with. This means that even if you are adopted, or if you connected with a group of people who you aren't necessarily related to, you may have patterns that can be linked to your adopted or your blood relatives.

If you are interested in changing these patterns on your own, there are things you can do!