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A Call to Daily Meditation

For a person like me who connects with Spirit on a daily basis, not only on my own but also for clients, students, blogs and messages of the day on Facebook and Instagram, it was more than a little concerning to me that the past month has been a bit of a struggle to engage in my personal time of meditation. Oh, I had moments of connection, when I felt the world stop and the presence of the Divine around and within me, but there were other times when it seemed my link was clogged with concrete. Despite this, the Guides always showed up for me when I had clients or was channeling for my monthly gatherings or classes.

A few days ago, I felt compelled to go to the park and walk. I often do my meditation while walking in nature or on my exercise machine, so this was not entirely a surprise that the Guides would have showed up in my car on the way there.

Last week I shared about the "Strength card" of the tarot and the theme for the month. The Guides were once again stressing to me the importance of going within myself to access wisdom and strength.

Specifically, the Guides were encouraging me to make sure I was setting aside time every day to connect. I will admit that on the days I have no clients or classes, I am sometimes lax in my practice.

This message seemed to be reinforced by others in my community.

My book mentor Debbra Luppien has recently published a book, "The Path to Hearing Angels and Guides, 21 Days of Meditation" along with a companion workbook.

One of my students shared with me a shamanic journey she took where her Guides were reminding her to hold the Light on a daily basis.

I want to address a couple of the biggest complaints I often hear when I am encouraging a daily spiritual practice.

"I can't keep my mind from wandering."

Meditation is not about chasing away the thoughts. Yes, you may have wandering thoughts. But when you notice, you set them aside and return to your breath. Meditation is about setting aside the past and the future, and sitting in the present moment. It is about connecting with your Higher Power and listening. It is about refueling your internal battery. It is about connecting with your soul and your inner strength.

"I don't have time."

You don't have to set aside a huge block of time to meditate. You can meditate while washing the dishes, while showering, while vacuuming, while exercising, while doing almost any activity. All you are doing is noticing your breath. And you breathe all the time. When you notice your breath, you can add the next step of feeling the energy of Divine Love and anchoring it in your body. But even that is not necessary. Notice your breath. Breathe in. Breathe out. That is enough.

You don't have to expect a huge download from the Angels. You don't have to expect to be given the meaning of life or even what to cook for dinner. (the Guides really don't care what you have for dinner.)

The Earth is in a time of struggle and there are many obstacles to our living in peace and safety.

One of the ways we can bring peace into our world is to be at peace. Fighting against an enemy is not often effective. Struggle creates more struggle. If you push back against something or someone you will find them pushing back or perhaps just moving somewhere else, but the conflict is still there. A lot of the conflict resides within our own minds and emotions.

Meditation gives you a break from the struggle.

The way to peace is love.

Through meditation we hold the energy of love in the Earth realm and, most of all, in our hearts. By holding the energy of love and light, we anchor it in to our homes and our communities.

Consider creating a daily practice of meditation. You can do it for a specific period of time, like Debbra's book suggests, or you can do it indefinitely.

The energy of Divine Light and Divine Love is needed at this time.

Join with me and others and hold the Light, in whatever way speaks to you.

Thank you.


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