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You Are Not a Victim

This little chat is not exactly what you think.

As a psychic, medium and Shamanic energy healer I see a variety of clients for a variety of reasons.

Today's chat is not about things that may have happened to you physically or emotionally that left you scarred or wounded, although, perhaps, a future blog.

Today I want to talk about the idea that ghosts, spirits, demons (I really don't like that word) or things that go bump in the night have some sort of power over you, leaving you victimized in some way.

This is just not true!

"But what about those television programs where people get scratched, pushed, or in some way traumatized?" I can hear you challenge me incredulously.

We will get to that.

Here is a truth.

You are here in an earth body. You contracted to be here. You are the one with the power.

This is why the Higher Beings of Love and Light don't sweep in and just fix everything we as humans have messed up.

Here is another truth.

Energy follows thought.

Experiments are now proving that if scientists have a specific idea about how something works, they can actually manipulate the results. This is also why many patients given placebos have the same results as patients given actual medicine.

We humans are the ones with the power. If we can think it, we can create it.

This is a good thing and it is also a very scary thing.

This is why positive affirmations work.


I could say the sky is purple all day long but except at exceptionally beautiful sunsets, I have never really seen a purple sky.

But if I say that I am perfectly aligned with my highest good, and I believe it to be true, eventually my experience will line up. But that is another blog.

Okay, so back to spirits.

People come to me semi-frequently claiming to live in a haunted house. The spirits are terrorizing them, they say. I am not at all saying it could not be possible. Sure it can. What many of the living do not understand is that you can tell them to stop and they have to listen. The key thing to remember is that most of them know you don't know this rule so they are not going to tell you.

One morning before I saw clients I made the announcement that no earth-bound spirits were allowed in my house that day.

An earth-bound spirit is one that, after he or she passed, did not, for whatever reason, go to the Light.

I am not sure why I said this. I am in the habit of stating in the morning what I intend for the day and who or what I will allow in my experience. Most of the time I state that I am in alignment with my highest good and the highest good of my clients and I am able to in some way benefit whoever comes to me. But today I made the statement for some reason.

It ended up that I had a client who wanted to speak to a loved one and I absolutely could not get him to come through. Suddenly it dawned on me that perhaps he was not crossed over. So I had to undo my statement in front of the client. I realized her person had not crossed over so he was not allowed to come in. After I undid my statement he came right through. He gave her a message and then I crossed him over.

Okay so let's talk about the television shows.

First of all, the actors and producers want something to scratch the actors so they get good reviews. The cameras are running. They are not going to go to all the trouble of filming a show where nothing happens. So they are setting an intention that is permission for the spirits to show themselves.

The actors are often asking the spirits to scratch them or in some way show themselves. The spirits are only doing what is asked of them. I really don't like the shows where the actors are screaming or threatening the spirits or reminding them of some painful or traumatic death. I think this is disrespectful.

We also have to keep in mind that it is a television show. Sometimes there is the possibility that things are staged. ( I don't know this to be true but I believe it to be true. Television is entertainment.)

One time my hubby and I were doing an event where one of the participants got scratched. When I tuned in to her energy field I saw a dog beside her. I asked her if she had recently lost a dog and immediately she got teary-eyed. She admitted that when the dog was alive she would often get scratched in the very place on her body where the scratch appeared. It turns out the scratch was a sign from her dog telling her that he was still with her in spirit.

Not scary at all.

So souls sometimes do not cross over and get trapped in the earth realm?


Can they hurt us? Well, they can if we let them or don't tell them no. Most of the time we don't even know they are around. We just start acting strange or doing out of the ordinary things or maybe we get depressed or suddenly want a drink or a cigarette when we don't normally engage in those behaviors. But we are the ones with a body. We can call on our Angels to help release them or we can simply say, "I release any energy out of my energy field that is not mine."

So how do we protect ourselves from "yukky" spirits or energy?

It's all about vibration.

If we are depressed, angry, vengeful, or afraid we will be a magnet to energy that is the same. If we are joyful, loving, kind and happy, the "yukky" spirits usually leave us alone. Unless they know we can help them.

If you feel energy and it makes you afraid, that is what the lower vibration spirits want! Fear is their food. They just won.

If you are addicted to entertainment that makes you afraid, guess what. You are a prime candidate for a spirit that feeds on fear.

If you are constantly bombarded with paranormal experiences that make you afraid, then in some way you are feeding them.

I have three feral cats that I feed daily. If for whatever reason I would stop feeding them, eventually they would go somewhere else and find food or become sickly and pass away. I am feeding them. They show up every day.

This blog is not going to go into the different types of energy floating around in the astral plane. There are a lot of different kinds of energy. It is not all ghosts or demons.

If you find yourself feeling victimized by energy, be it ghosts or spirits, or "demons" or whatever, ask yourself what are you doing that is drawing this energy to you. There are a number of possibilities.

  1. Are you feeling down, depressed, angry, resentful, vengeful (whether justified or not), or afraid?

  2. Do you have opportunity to be in a place where tragedy has occurred? (hospitals, jails, places where crime is rampant, places where difficult emotions happen frequently, etc)

  3. Are you self-medicating, whether legal or not?

  4. Do you have a stressful job or one in which you are in close contact with people who may have intense emotions?

  5. Does the land where you live have any dark history?

  6. Are you empathic, or have the ability to sense energy, or perhaps have intense dreams or premonitions?

  7. Do you know if your ancestry had any abilities, or unhealed or unresolved trauma? ( a loaded question.. we all have this but it does not affect everyone the same.)

These are not the only possibilities. There are many more. These just tend to be the most common.

So, what to do? If you feel victimized by dark energy, the first thing you need to do is realize you are in control. Raise your vibration. Take charge of your energy field. Connect with your version of your Higher Power. Spend some time doing things that make you happy. Make an appointment with someone who can assist you in detecting what you are sensing or experiencing. See a mental health professional if necessary. No I am not saying you are crazy. I am just suggesting that sometimes it is not a spirit.

If you feel resistance to letting go of the dark experiences, then there is something you are getting from it. Ask yourself why you feel resistance. I have the occasional client who, no matter what I do to clear their energy field, are contacting me over and over for the same thing. If you are continually bombarded, then something within you is drawing in the experiences. You are getting something out of it or there is resistance to healing for some reason.

I am not here to say that there may not be spirits who do not listen or who ignore your attempts to release them from your experience. I am just saying I have not run in to any. There is the exception to every rule.

Take charge of your life. Empower yourself. Be the best version of yourself. Leave anything behind you that is not a vibrational match to your highest good.

What you think about GROWS. Think happiness, joy and bliss.

If you would like to make an appointment with me, you can do so HERE.

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