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What is Channeling?

Have you ever been completely engaged in an activity and lose your sense of time or feel that you were no longer orchestrating the activity? Runners get what they call "runners high". Musicians often report when writing music or performing that at some point the music is flowing and they are no longer completely in control. Writers and artists often report a sense of timelessness when engaged in their art when they forget to eat, or lose track of time.

We are so much more than our conscious awareness. We are connected to a vast world beyond our comprehension. There are times when we are able to cross through that veil and interact with something or someone that is bigger than ourselves.

Recently I shared a message I received from my Guides. I wanted to address the subject of how I receive the information, whether it is for a message for the blog, or in a private session, or to a group.

The name commonly associated with delivering information received by a being not in physical form is channeling.

Channeling is when an individual puts aside their own conscious awareness and allows the energy of another being to come into their body to share a message, to heal, or to do other things allowed by the person engaging in the experience. This can be a conscious agreement or, in the aforementioned examples, it can happen spontaneously when an altered state of consciousness is achieved.

The biggest question I often hear when I approach the subject is whether or not I am in control of what happens or whether it is kind of like being possessed.

I am not sure how others who channel would describe the experience, but I am somewhat aware of what happens and what is said or done, but normally I forget it after it is over fairly quickly. I am in a bit of an altered state of consciousness, so it is kind of like a dream. If you wake up from a dream, you will be somewhat aware of the dream for a little bit, but if you don't write it down or record it right away, it quickly goes away.

Last week's message happened while I was meditating. I became aware of the Guides interupting my agenda. I am in the process of writing my next book, and I was meditating to receive information on the chapter I was working on. Instead, they began to chat about holding the light. I had to sort of come out of the meditation for a moment because I needed to write it down as they were saying it, so it was kind of like I was channeling as I was typing. The message was like taking dictation. I did not know what they were going to say before the information flowed through my hands. It wasn't word for word. It was like I would receive a download of the message bit by bit but I had to put it into words.

When I am channeling, I am in control somewhat but I am allowing them to use my voice or my hands or whatever. I am putting aside my own consciousness and allowing them to come in. Sometimes it is by intention and sometimes it just happens when I am doing spiritual work or teaching or seeing a client or whatever.

How do I know it is a Higher Vibrational Being and not a ghost or a lower level entity?

I have been doing this long enough I can tell!

Remember that your own vibration has to be a match to theirs for there to be contact. It is impossible to channel a Higher Vibrational being if you are mad or sick or depressed. You will get the energy that you are a vibrational match to. Now, if an earthbound soul wants to give a message or speak to someone, I have to almost lower my frequency to allow that to occur. Sometimes that is an important aspect of their healing so I allow it temporarily.

Recently in a session with a client, the client's deceased husband came through. It looked like there was a large chain tying him to her and he appeared to be in a dark place. It turns out he had died of an overdose and had not crossed over but instead attached to her. First I allowed him to give her a message and then I called in the Angels and his ancestors to remove the chain and assist him in going to the light. There is a healing aspect to allowing souls to give a message before crossing, and it actually assists the living and the dead in finding closure and moving to a place of healing.

I have read of channels who report being completely unaware of what is going on when they are channeling, but I am not one of those. I am not completely conscious, but I am somewhat a consenting partner in the process.

When healers, whether it be by Reiki or some other form of hands on or intentional transmission of healing energy, send healing energy through their hands or through their intention to someone else, they are channeling! They are pulling healing energy from a Power Source, allowing it to flow in to their body and out to another person, animal, or other intended recipient.

Many times when I am doing a healing session I will feel my Healing Guides coming in to my body and I will be aware of the energy flowing out through my hands or through my pendulum or whatever tool I am using. The tools are an extension of the healing energy that is channeling through me to someone else. If it is a message, then it flows out of my voice from the one delivering the message to the person who is receiving it. If someone is there to speak with someone who has passed, often I will feel in my body where they may have had pain in their body. I will feel an impact or a tightness in my body where they had pain in their body, perhaps when they passed or maybe at some point in their life.

Channeling is a practice that is common in many belief systems. It is rarely called channeling, but it is the same thing. Any time you set aside your own conscious awareness and connect to a presence that is not in physical form, that is channeling. In my former life as an Evangelical Christian, we often would engage in speaking in tongues or what we called dancing in the Spirit. In both of these instances, we would enter an altered state of consciousness and our voice would speak words we did not know or our bodies would move and lead us to a state of euphoria. If you have ever watched a Sufi dancer go in circles for extended periods of time without getting dizzy, you would have to agree an altered state of consciousness had been achieved. Indigenous healers often take "journeys" to other worlds to receive information or do healing work. Voo doo priests and priestesses often enter altered states of consciousness and channel their helping spirits. Musicians often report when writing songs or performing they feel an inspiration come over them and the words or music seems to flow on its own.

The most important criteria for determining if the message is from the highest representatives of the Divine Presence is whether the message is positive and uplifting and offers hope, help and healing or whether it promotes fear or separation. I remember back in my Pentecostal days messages that came supposedly from the Holy Spirit which suggested that people were doomed for punishment if they did not repent or that God was sending some sort of calamity to punish the wicked. I lived for years in fear of a punishing God. These messages are obviously not promoting love, forgiveness or hope and were not healing in their intent. I cannot speak to other belief systems since I have had limited experiences, but I have attended other gatherings of other belief systems in which the person channeling offered no messages of hope or healing or anything that I could ascertain was coming from a wise or benevolent Presence so I disregarded those messages.

It is important to remember that we are all human and we live in human vessels. We are limited by our own beliefs and programming. It took several years for my Guides to reprogram me after I began to receive messages that did not fit into the belief system I had been born and raised in. Some of the messages I disregarded or if I gave them, they got me into trouble. I do not in any way judge those who deliver messages that are just extensions of their belief system. It is really hard to break free from years of programming. On the other hand, many belief systems have been given a bad rap by the media. It is important not to judge or demonize belief systems you know nothing about.

My suggestion is that you not judge what you do not understand, but be open to receiving guidance from a kind and benevolent Presence, however you label that Presence. The guidance may come from someone else or it may come from your own internal guidance system. These days I am open to experience many different belief systems and love to hear from Voices outside of my base of knowledge as long as the messages are hopeful, helpful and healing.

We as sentient beings have much power in our tongues. Our tongues can be loving and kind or vicious and hurtful. Make sure your words are promoting love as much as possible and refuse to engage in battles of words because of differences of opinion or beliefs. When listening to a "channeled" message, it is okay to decide if the words resonate with you or not. Not all messages are for everyone.

Yes, sometimes bad things happen and we can't deny that sometimes the Guides warn of those things, but if the messages are consistently dragging you down, it is okay to disregard those messages. Before the pandemic, I saw a great number of people leaving the earth plane, but I was not privy to how that would occur. I saw Santa Muerta, the goddess of death a few months before we became aware of the virus, but her appearance did not make me afraid. I offered her a gift and gave her a place on my altar. I have not seen her since.

Remember that love is the ultimate test when determining whether to align yourself with a person, a belief system, or a message. Does it resonate with you? Does it make you feel inspired or encouraged? Does it give you a plan of action or a glimmer of hope if the message is difficult? Does it make you feel aligned with a Benevolent Presence? Does it feel like the messenger has a personal agenda or is attempting to gain personally from the message?

You ultimately are the one who is in charge of who or what you allow into your life as a point of contact or as a source of information or guidance or inspiration.

Be light. Be love. And that is enough.


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