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Welcoming In Change!

On December 29, 2020 we will be having the last full moon of 2020. The energy surrounding this event is the vibration of change, as the planet of unexpected changes and surprises, Uranus, shows up as a harmonious sextile, according to my astrologer friends.

Full moons are when the light of the sun is shining directly on the moon, from the perspective of Earth. The Earth is positioned exactly between the sun and the moon, so we see the moon in a more illumined way. If the sun symbolizes enlightenment, illumination, things we know and acknowledge, and the moon symbolizes those things we tend to deny, cover up, or "keep in the dark", then a full moon is a time when things we tend to ignore or hide come out of the shadows to be acknowledged. The moon is typically also associated with feminine energy, intuition, and illusion. Full moons have the sometimes bad reputation for bringing out the worst in people, but that is only because we tend to spend a great deal of time hiding aspects of ourselves. The energy of full moons opens the veil between reality and illusion.

Does the moon really have more power or it is a symbol of these things?

In my way of thinking, whether the actual physical moon is affecting us or whether it is shining in the sky as a symbol of light in the darkness, is of no concern to me. The Divine has orchestrated our journey on the Earth with signposts and messages so that we can interpret the signs and navigate our path in a beneficial way. At this time, the message seems to be HOPE and CHANGE. The Great Conjunction on December 21st and the full moon on December 29 are messages to us that the experience of life is about to shift. Illusions may come to light at this time. There may be new information revealed about things we have hidden, about ourselves and about others.

In numerology, we can expect a lot of unexpected and perhaps quick and momentous changes in 2021, as the numbers of the year, 2+0+2+1 add up to 5, which is the number of expansion, freedom, quick and sudden changes, and magic.

These momentous changes are a welcome to us after a year of restriction, boundaries, and hard work we experienced in 2020, a 4 year.

No matter what your personal numbers, based on your birthday, indicate, which are most often different from the collective year, you will experience your own personal experience within the seedbed of a universal 5 year, so the energy of change will affect you, just as the collective experience of the Covid has affected you, whether you or a loved one contracted the virus or not.

Change is one of those things that carry different experiences depending on who you are and how you position yourself. If you fight against the flow of your highest good and attempt to stand your ground or remain immovable, then you will probably eventually falter. It is important to allow your long standing beliefs and ideas to come up for re-examination. Some of our antiquated dogma is no longer relevant in today's society.

In the tarot, the "5" card is the Hierophant. It is a card that looks a bit like a Pope, with two of his followers kneeled before him. It is a card that encourages us to examine our beliefs. How do they serve us and who is actually benefitting? Are we trying to remove a splinter from someone's eye while ignoring the 2x4 in our own? How do our actions or inactions benefit the common good? We may be called upon to reflect upon what we believe and why we believe it.

The other day I was driving home through town. Along the way I can choose a variety of streets, all of which will eventually take me home. Many of the streets are lined with traffic lights. As I approached a traffic light, I decided that if, when I arrived at the light, it was red, I would make a right, and if it was green, I would go straight. When I arrived at the light, it turned red. Stopping to check traffic, I was easily able to turn right. The rest of the lights I encountered stayed green until I had passed through the high traffic light area.

I felt a message from Spirit coming through at that time. Spirit said that 2021 would flow best for me if I took the path of least resistance. If an opportunity presented itself to me, and I encountered a number of "red lights" leading up that path, then it would be a sign to me that that particular path was not my highest and best path. If, however, I had a desire that seemed to effortlessly come to pass, I would know that it was in my highest good to travel that path.

On our road through life, how many times do we repeatedly beat down doors that are locked to us? How many times do we try and try to achieve a goal, only to be met with restrictions, delays, and "red lights?" This may be a sign that we have chosen the more difficult path "home". Either path will eventually get us to where we need to be, but one path is the path of least resistance, and that is the path we want to follow.

There are many paths that will eventually lead us collectively to a place of equality, acceptance, healing, and the experience of the common good. There is a world where we can live in peace with one another and work out our differences peacefully. We can choose to achieve these goals by walking in peace and attempting to understand and relate to those who are different from ourselves or we can choose to attempt to achieve these goals through violence or force. How will we choose to navigate the various paths that are set out before us next year?

Choose wisely. Allow for unexpected changes to interupt your plans. You may need to take a moment to decide on your next steps. Look out for those in need.

Tomorrow's full moon may be a sign of things to come.

Expect the unexpected. Roll with the changes that present themselves.

And never lose hope that the sun will shine again.


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