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Themes for July 2021

July is upon us!

Every month offers us a new opportunity to experience a different theme, a different energy expression, and to manifest different experiences.

Here I will be talking about the overall universal themes based on numerology and the corresponding tarot cards, but for you, your personal themes may be different based upon your birthday.

The universal theme will affect your personal theme, just as the pandemic affected us all, whether we contracted the virus or not.

2021 adds up to 5. (2+0+2+1)

To find your personal monthly number, add the month of your birthday to the day and then add 5 (for the year). My personal thoughts are that your year begins on your birthday, not in January when the year begins. (unless of course your birthday is in January)

For example, say your birthday is January 17. (1+1+7) So if I add 9 to 5 I get 14. 1+4 is 5. So your numbers are basically the same as the universe. Cool, huh? But if your birthday is in September, say September 2, then you would add 9+2, which is 11, and 1+1 is 2. You would add 4 (last year's number) until your birthday, then you can add 5. Not too many people do it this way, but I find it to be a bit more accurate. However, the current year will affect you either way, so the 5 is going to affect you on some level no matter what your personal number.

So July being a 7 month is added to 5, the current year, and we get 12. 1+2 is 3.

The 12 card in tarot is the Hanged Man, and the 3 card is the Empress.

This says to me that you may have to make some sacrifices at home, maybe for family or some aspect of your home life. You may feel like you always give more than your receive or maybe you don't even mind, knowing that there are those at home who depend on you.

On a global, national, or planetary scale, perhaps we as a collective may need to make some sacrifices for the benefit of the planet or others who are less able to take care of themselves. It may be a good month to give to charities that help those affected by disasters or to charities that offer help to animals or the planet.

Bottom line is, July is a month to think of others before yourself. You may find your family needs you, or your larger family the human race. You may have to forgo personal convenience for the good of others. This is not a month to think of what is good for you. It is not a month to think about personal rights or conveniences.

If you are interested in a personal reading to find our what your personal theme for the year, the month, or even today is, feel free to set up a PRIVATE SESSION HERE.

This month, do something nice for someone else. We all need one another.


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