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Themes for December

In last week's blog, I said I was going to talk about self-healing this week, but with today's full moon energy and December knocking on our door, I decided to postpone that blog until next week. So look for that one coming up soon!

For the past several months, I have been posting my theme for the month on my YouTube channel. I will admit, I prefer blogging to doing videos. I am not always looking my best and, truth be told, I can write a blog in my pajamas without makeup and who cares what my hair looks like. However, many of you prefer YouTube, I am told, so I am offering both! You can check out my thoughts on the Themes for December HERE.

By looking at the card for the month, you may guess that December may have some unexpected and possibly sudden upsets in the world in which we live. Not that we haven't had enough already! I expect 2020 will not fade into oblivion quietly.

The Tower Card in the Tarot is a card of sudden and unexpected changes. It is a card of learning a truth that upsets the status quo. It is a card of tearing up the foundation of life so that new can be built in its place. Just looking at this card can create a sense of panic.

If you are into astrology, there are some planetary events that also point to some sudden changes or shifts in our experience. I am not an astrologer, but my connection and conversations with my Guides and work with the Tarot and numerology are also pointing to some huge shifts in our collective experience of life on planet Earth.

It doesn't take any intuitive skills to know that we are already collectively experiencing the Tower in our lives. We live in an uncertain world. Every day we are bombarded by unexpected events that rock our world or create a new crisis in our lives. Many of us are having trouble sleeping, or are feeling the onslaught of stressful situations. If we are in any way empathic, we may be feeling the stress and anxiety of the world, and not just our own personal emotions.

During these times, it is extremely important to engage in self care. Find some time to engage in your spiritual practice. Try to spend a little time in nature. Engage in activities that are fun. Laugh as much as you can. Drink water. Eat healthy food. Beware of overspending.

If you are experiencing a situation that is eerily similar to the image on the Tower card, it is really important to honor your feelings and allow yourself to process difficult emotions. Don't try to be "okay" too quickly. Allow others to comfort you.

As we go through this huge shift in our experience of life on planet Earth, know that we are on the brink of a new way of experiencing life. We have the opportunity to live a more engaged and peaceful life. It is only by facing difficult truths and acknowledging and working through them that we can move forward to a better way of living.

Let us be aware of those around us going through challenges and do what we can to allievate their pain or at least be with them as they rebuild their lives. Let us take off our blinders and see people who are different from us in a more awakened way. Let us embrace and accept our differences and acknowledge our commonalities. Let us work together to make life on Earth sustainable for all its inhabitants. As we end this year, let us give up our grievances and our polarity and begin to walk in the shoes of our perceived enemies. Let us begin to work together to create a more peaceful and pleasant world for all.

We are all one.


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