The Value of Sitting Still

Me? I am the champion of projects. Before I even finish one great idea, I am contemplating the next.

I say I am a planner.

Hubby disagrees. He says I am a dreamer.

Here is how it usually goes.

Hubby and I have finally carved out some time when both of our schedules allow a day trip. We are in the car. Perhaps we are barely backing out of the driveway.

Suddenly, without warning, I am blindsided by a passing thought, "we should come up with a date for our next beach trip!"

Understandably, hubby is annoyed.

"Let us enjoy today before we start planning for the next."

To his point, I am the one who comes up with the ideas, at least when it comes to our couple's activities, and he is the one who plans out the details.

When I reached a certain point in my life, I was ready to retire from the Post Office and connect with Spirit for clients full time, I took classes on marketing, I researched "hashtags" and "keywords" and "SEO." I was a little stressed that I would not be able to make up the difference in salary, but at some point, I threw caution to the wind.

I took the plunge.

Bye Bye Post Office.

I told Spirit how much I needed to earn per week in order to meet my budget.

One day Spirit told me that it would be a lot easier if I sat back and allowed my highest good to find me than to spend so much time manifesting a specific dollar amount I needed to make.


Let go of the need to control the outcome.


Oh I did not learn the lesson easily. It is hard to relinquish control! It is hard not to be always in a forward trajectory!

I am a Capricorn. Yeah, there are not a lot of Capricorn psychics, I am well aware. But the Capricorn in me has a tendency to want to do all of the things necessary to move forward. And I have done a lot of that work.