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The Touchy Subject of Money and Spiritual Services

And What About Money? Some thoughts, musings, and insight on spirituality, money, and some timeless principles for attracting it into your life.

Let’s talk about the hush hush subject of money. Why do healers charge for their services? And should we? When I was of service in the church that I belonged to, I always gave messages free of charge. When I first started on this path without the covering of the church, I continued in this practice. Although I was paying money to attend workshops and receive training in improving my natural abilities, I always felt like I was given a gift and how could I think to charge people to receive messages or channel healing energy to them? In the beginnings of my path to healing, I had a wonderful inner healer who never charged me for her services, and the first mentor I had also chose not to charge me for her mentoring. How could I charge for my services when I had received some of my healing free of charge? And if I did charge, did this mean that people who could not afford my services would never get to receive a message or healing energy from the Higher Powers? This is what I began to notice. I would give a person a session, free of charge. Sometimes they would experience a healing, and sometimes I never got feedback as to the benefit. However, sometime down the line, I would hear that the same person ended up going to someone who did the same exact thing that I did, only they paid that person a fee for the service. For some reason the person who charged, for the mere fact that they charged, seemed to have more credibility than I did. At some point the "client", if you want to call them that, although they did not pay, would tell me about some revelation that they had received from this other person, and it would be almost word for word for what I had told them, but for some reason, the other person's message was valued. Some of my 'clients' would suppose that I would be flattered that my messages were as good as this other person, and I should be honored that my message was in some way validated by this other paid healer or spirit messenger. Another example. Have you, as parents, noticed that when you give something to your children which costs them nothing, they do not appreciate it as much as something they earn, or work for, or pay for? This is called by some energy exchange. The theory is that if something costs you nothing, it has no lasting value for you. We can look at some who receive regular assistance which costs them nothing and notice that at some point people almost feel entitled to be given to. I will not get into a debate into politics or social responsibility but the simple fact is that we value most things that cost us something.

So at some point I decided to begin to charge for my services. I should say that at some point my Guides began to stress the importance of charging for my services. Sometimes I will decide, on an individual basis, to offer my services for free or a reduced charge, but this is entirely led by Spirit. If you have asked me for free or reduced charge services, some of you I have said yes and some I have said no. This is because I always ask my Guides first. They are the ones doing the work. I am only their spokesperson in a human body. If I have given you one session free or reduced, don't think I am going to do this on a regular basis. At some point my services have to have value to you. You don't expect your hairdresser to cut your hair for free. Sometimes the price you pay is in direct correlation to the service you receive. You almost expect to receive a better haircut from someone who charges a little more. For this reason, I do charge a reasonable fee, especially in relation to others who do the same things I do. This does not mean I am in this for the money. I want to be a blessing to all, and for this reason I have been posting messages from Spirit now for years on my blog and social media, which is free to all and accessible to all. I also post blogs and messages both here on this platform and on YOUTUBE. All are free for all.

Sometimes I am aghast at what some celebrities pay for items like purses and bedroom slippers. I am well aware that an item's value may have nothing to do with its actual cost. How can you put a price on inner peace? What value would you put on releasing a limiting belief or chatting with your dad on the other side? The amount I charge is what feels good to me. If I decide to gift you a session, then I am doing it because it feels good to do so. So to the complaint that those who charge for healing or messages from Spirit are prostituting their gifts, this is my response. Go to a medical doctor and see what you get for free. Would you even trust a doctor who was not charging for his services in some capacity? Look within yourself and see if the things you have gotten for free have had value to you. No, the best things in life are not free. All of the valuable things I have learned in my lifetime have been the things that have cost me something. I may offer my services to those who cannot afford, by my own discretion, of course, at a free or reduced charge. For some services I tell people that my services are donation based, and I do have a donate button on my website. But the laws of the Universe state that nothing is ever free. At some point in your life, you will pay for everything. It may or may not be money, but everything costs you something.

Recently I have been messaged on social media from those who like my message of the day which I have posted for many years, asking me to draw a card for them or to tell them about their love life or which career choice to make. If I am feeling generous, sometimes I will draw a card for them, but stressing that I do not offer my services for free on a regular basis. I have found that if I am feeling generous and draw a card for someone, suddenly all of that person's friends are now also asking for a free reading. This is not cool! Drawing a card and delivering a message requires me to tune in to the Spirit world and access Divine Guidance. I have spent years developing and honing my natural abilities. Let me suggest that it is unethical to expect a spirit communicator to give you insight into your life free of charge. If you can benefit from all of the free offerings I have, then great! If you would like personal insight, schedule a session. If you cannot afford, I may gift you a session or offer you a session at a reduced price. But don't expect this to be a continual thing. At some point you must take responsibility for your life and either make your own life decisions or invest something of value into receiving proper guidance. So if you are trying to get something for nothing, remember that at some point you will pay in some way. This is why many who win the lottery are not able to hold on to their winnings. This principle has not sunk into their consciousness. I realize as I write this that the government is getting ready to send out checks for pandemic relief. Those who oppose this say that not everyone needs the money, and that it is a huge mistake to send people money when they have done nothing to earn it. The notion is not lost on me. I am not here to argue whether or not this argument has merit. These are challenging times and, along with the principle of energy exchange, there is also the principle of "we are all one." When one of us suffers, we all suffer. Deciding who is worthy or not worthy of receiving government assistance is not the point I am trying to make here.

It is my understanding that money is energy, and those who resonate at a particular frequency seem to be a magnet for money and others can't seem to pay their electric bill. I do understand that there are many reasons for the disparity. However, if we can agree that money is energy then we should also agree that there has to be an equal exchange of energy at some point for the valuable things in your life. The point is, money is energy. Healing is energy. Information is energy. Remember the scientific principle we all learned in school.... energy cannot be created or destroyed. It only changes form. One of the laws of the universe is the exchange of energy.

If you find yourself in dire straights, I encourage you to find some way to be of service or to give of yourself or your valuables. The act of giving releases you from the energy of lack. If you are always trying to get something for free, you will never access abundance. Also remember that you receive in direct response to what you give and how you feel when you give it. If you pay your bills with resentment or the emotion of lack, you will never access abundance. Give with joy.

Recently I gifted my daughter a spider plant baby. In no time at all the plant outgrew its pot and had babies. She gifted some of the babies to some of her friends. Now she says the plant is so large and is having so many babies she has run out of friends to give them to. This is the principle. If you give spider plant babies, you are going to receive back plants or healthy plants. If you plant green beans you are going to reap green beans. You can't expect to plant green beans and get back corn. If you need money, I would suggest you find some way to give some away. And do it with love and excitement, not begrudgingly or out of obligation or a desire to get something back.

Before Covid, there were times when I would do some sort of exchange or allow people to pay in ways that were not monetary. This has become a little more difficult now with the restrictions of Covid but I am open to that if it feels good to me. I sometimes will do exchange with other diviners or healers, but only if there is something I am open to receiving from them. If you have something of value to offer, that is your exchange of energy. It does not necessarily have to be money. In conclusion. Those who charge for spiritual services have as much right to benefit from their expertise as anyone else. Sometimes I will offer my services for a reduced fee but I normally leave it up to my Guides and my internal guidance system. In other words, it has to feel good to me to do so. If I feel obligated or pressured or if you try to make me feel sorry for you, don't count on it. If you have been the recipient of the generosity of others, please pay it forward. Appreciate those things you have received and learned at the expense of someone else.

Freely you have received, freely give. And remember, there is no such thing as a free lunch.


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