The Great Conjunction and Karmic Events

I always preface any of my posts about astrological events with the disclaimer that I am not an astrologer.

Here and Here are links to my favorite astrologers and their thoughts about the conjunction.

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On Monday, December 21st, the Winter Solstice, we have a rare astrological event known as the Great Conjunction. This is when Jupiter, the planet of expansion, abundance, and general "largeness" comes to a close proximity from our viewpoint on Earth to Saturn, the next largest planet, which is known as the planet of rules, regulations, karma, and restriction.

Depending on what "woo woo" guru you listen to, karma may mean different things to different people. Karma is commonly thought of as reward and punishment for good and bad behavior. The most common expression to relay our understanding of karma is, "What goes around comes around." When the planet of karma intersects with the planet of expansion, you can bet there is the potential for some karma to come calling.

But what is karma, really? Being brought up in a born again Christian household, we were commonly kept in line by the belief that one day we would stand before the judgement seat of Christ and answer for our lives, good or bad, and take our rewards or our punishments. Having left behind this belief system many years ago, I was forced to redefine what I believed about the concept of being "paid back" for my thoughts, words, and actions.

To me, karma is like the concept of a plant. A plant starts from a single seed. You could think of a seed as a thought. A seed is perhaps blowing around in the air, tossed about by passing breezes, lighting upon various stones or branches of trees or even floating up towards the clouds. One day the heaviness of the air pushes it down towards the ground and it finds itself falling upon some lovely soil. For a bit it just lays there on top of the soil, just observing life around it. Then one day it rains and the moist soil swallows up the fragile seed. Now it finds itself in the darkness of the earth. It may feel a bit restricted, or even sleepy. One day it wakes from its slumber to discover it has little protusions coming out from its core. Some roots have made their way out of its shell. Some time later, a small stalk begins to peer out of the soil, in search of sunlight and warmth. Depending on the condition of the soil, the soul or original source of the seed, the availability of water and sun, the tiny seed grows into a lovely flower, or perhaps even a mighty oak tree.

This, to me, is the concept of karma. You sow a seed, you get a plant. The plant you get is normally much larger than the original seed. Within the seed is the memory of what kind of plant grows. There are lots of conditions that determine whether a plant even grows or creates a plant.

Then there are out of the ordinary or unexpected factors such as lightening storms, floods or even rotor tillers that strike and the plant is in some way eliminated.

So karma is not necessarily reward and punishment. It is the natural consequence of a thought, a word, or a deed. If I step on a nail, it is going to hurt. It doesn't necessarily matter if I meant to step on the nail, if I placed the nail on the ground hoping someone else would step on it, if I accidently dropped the nail and then didn't look for it. None of that matters when I step on the nail. Obviously if I placed the nail on the ground in the hopes that someone who I didn't like would come along and step on the nail, then there is a greater chance that at some point I am going to step on a nail and feel the pain I intended for someone else. Every action has an equal and opposite reaction.

Some time ago I heard about a ritual I could do to stop someone from saying hateful words about me. It involved a paper cut out of a tongue, and being nailed to a tree deep in the woods. At the time I was having some issues and I had considered it. One day it occurred to me that I was not always a conversational angel and if I did the ritual I had to expect that the results would also affect me. If you do a ritual or a "spell" that is intending harm on someone, despite whether you think they "deserve" it or not, be ready for the Lord of Karma to also bring that result on you. Be careful.

Is everything we experience in life Karma? Why do innocent people die? If someone is a good person and they die a difficult death, how does Karma explain that? Should we not be rewarded when we are good people?

My answer to that would be that we do not know the seed that was sown, when it was sown, or what conditions created the plant. We don't know what soul agreements were made before birth, or any other factors that played a part in the end result that we experienced.