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So You Wanna Be a Psychic?

I receive a fair amount of inquiries on how to develop one's psychic skills.

We all have some abilities, whether we recognize it or not. Not everyone has the ability or the soul contract to be a paid psychic, but there are ways to improve your innate intuition. Before you decide you want to hang out your shingle and announce yourself as a psychic, a medium, or a healer, there are some questions you should ask yourself.

1. Why do I want to do this?

This is the first and most important question to ask yourself.

There are many reasons why we decide to take up a skill, any skill. In the case of psychic development, many people say, "a psychic told me I had abilities." I will admit, this was also the case for me, but this was something I already knew and had been using for some time, but had chosen to turn off.

For me, the question of "why" was that I could not think about anything else. I was born into Christianity, and I was a spiritual junkie. I wanted to experience God. That worked for me within the confines of that particular faith for many years, and yet, something was missing. I would see some people stand up in church and it seemed that they were just having a conversation with God and then sharing what they were hearing. That is what I wanted. After that ability was woken up in me, I could think about nothing else.

Any other reason for wanting to be a psychic, to me, is questionable. "I want to be of service." That is a good one. But you can be of service volunteering in a soup kitchen. Why this? Why do you really want to deliver messages? Do you want to quit your job and make money doing this? Do you envision fortune and fame? Do you want those always elusive lottery numbers? Do you feel some sort of loyalty to a family member who told you that you had a gift and you needed to use it? Do you feel an obligation to a higher power?

In a recent documentary about Tiger Woods, he revealed that he started playing golf at a very young age. It was a natural ability. His father recognized it and encouraged him to the exclusion of all other activities. He worked hard, often missing out on normal childhood activities. To me, the question arose, did he really really love golf or did he really love his father and did not want to disappoint him? I think perhaps this was somewhat of a struggle for Tiger. He achieved mastery. But at what cost? This leads us to the second question, almost as important as the first.

2. Am I willing to do the work?

World-renowned medium James Van Praagh reveals that he often spends hours in meditation. He did this for years before he went out and hung his shingle and started charging for his services. If you desire to master psychic or mediumship abilities (and yes, there is a difference), you have to be willing to put in the work. You can't take a weekend class and immediately go out and announce yourself as a psychic (or medium, or healer, or Shaman). You are not going to be a master overnight.

Yes, there are those who have innate abilities. There are those who, I believe, brought their abilities with them from a previous lifetime, or who inherited their abilities from an ancestor. Some are born painters, or athletes, or nurses. Some are born with psychic abilities. But even those born with abilities need to allow themselves time to develop or "remember" their skills. Some will come to my classes and immediately ace all of the exercises, and some, even after several years, will struggle. Desire is paramount. Natural ability is important. But commitment to do the work runs a close second.

3. Am I willing to invest in myself?

In the beginning, I struggled financially. I didn't have the funds to take a bunch of classes. I was fortunate because I had some innate abilities. However, I pursued my passions in any way I could. I went to the library and read multitudes of books on metaphysical subjects. I often would plant myself in one of those comfy chairs at Books-a-Million and read the books that called out to me, and then place them back on the shelves because I couldn't afford to buy them. Spirit would provide important books on the bargain tables. Back in those days I didn't have YouTube or Google. But I used the tools I had.

If you desire psychic mastery, you have to be willing to invest in yourself. Take classes. Watch YouTube videos. Meditate. Read books.

When Spirit first suggested to me it was time to learn tarot cards, I did not take any classes. I had a blog already, so I decided that I would pull a card and ask Spirit for a message. Now, I still do that, only on social media instead. Now I teach classes on tarot, but always with a focus on intuition rather than traditional meanings. However, I was willing to invest the time in getting to know the cards and develop a skill.

Developing your psychic abilities or any other skill requires passion, time, and commitment. There is no magic overnight formula. Fame and fortune is never guaranteed.

Remember that Spirit will never give you clients if you are not ready to provide them with valuable information or healing. Messages should always be helpful and healing.

If you desire psychic ability, it will take some time of self-contemplation. Honestly ask yourself why you want to develop your skills and if you are willing to make the commitment. If you would like more information on what I offer in the area of skill development, feel free to contact me. Happy learning!


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