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We can't talk about communication with those who don't inhabit a living human body without bringing up the subject of signs.

Signs are little messages we receive from our loved ones on the other side, from our Angels, Guides or Benevolent Helpers, or even from our own Higher Wisdom.

The day I took the above photo, I was out hiking in the woods with my grandkids, and I was inspired to talk to them about the spirits of nature. I asked them to ask for a sign from nature. Almost immediately my grandson found this painted rock along the path.

Sometimes signs are not so obvious. Perhaps it is as subtle as the scent of grandma's perfume. If you ask your loved ones for a particular sign, it may be a bit harder for them to connect with you, but not impossible. My mother comes through with bluebirds, but I have connected with her without that particular sign on occasion.

One of my clients was feeling a need for a sign from his daughter, who passed mysteriously in her sleep as a teenager. On the anniversary of her passing, his phone rang. On the caller id was her old number. He answered the phone but the message came through that the number was out of service. I imagine it took a great deal of energy for her to create that experience for her dad, and it gave him a great deal of comfort.

It is not only our loved ones who send us signs. If we ask our Higher Wisdom for guidance or direction, it is important to be open to the message that comes through. It may be the words of a song repeating over and over in your head. It may be a coversation overheard in the grocery store. It may be a message of the day posted on social media (hint hint: I do that. Check me out here, here, or here.)

If the message is important, our Guides may send multiple signs until we become aware of the message. We humans are notoriously bad at recognizing signs when they are sent to us. Sometimes we have to literally be slapped in the face with a sign before we get the message, and, even then, we may question whether it is truly a sign or a coincidence.

How do you determine whether a particular occurrence is a sign or a figment of your imagination? The best way is to ask how you felt when the sign occurred. If something grabs your attention in an out-of-the-ordinary way, it could very well be a sign.

Your soul agreed to come to have this earth experience. It is not unlike taking a road trip. When you are driving down the road, you expect to see road signs letting you know where you are headed and what is along the road or down a particular side street. Our higher guidance does that for us!

For me, the best sign NOT to take a particular path is the resistance that comes up when I am attempting something. Even when my computer freezes up, I will step away for a bit and come back later (this actually happened twice while writing this very blog!) If you find yourself continually struggling to make something happen, perhaps you just need to walk away. Whether you just take a break or completely shift directions is up to you, but if something is a continual struggle, it may be time to reevaluate its value in your life.

When I was writing my newest book, Whispers From Another Room, the writing was fairly easy, but when I began the process of attempting to secure a publishing contract, I spent a considerable amount of money only to be met with disappointment and brick walls. At some point, I decide to join a writers group on The Wellness Universe. In that group I learned the easy way. Within a couple of months my book was published and surpassed my previous two books in sales within two weeks.

If you are looking for a sign from a loved one, your Divine Guidance, or a Benevolent Presence, just ask! When the sign shows up, say Thank You!! I am sure there is nothing more frustrating for our spirit people when they send us a sign and we write it off as a coincidence or miss the sign entirely! Yes, I understand that not EVERYTHING is a sign. I understand that there is the possibility that a butterfly is just a butterfly. However, I would rather live my life with wonder and possibility that the Universe is on my side and constantly sending me reassurance and guidance than to believe that life is a series of arbitrary, nonsensical events that have no meaning.

If you are unsure, it is okay to tell your spirit friends that you are not sure and would like a follow up sign just for reassurance. In Shamanism, it is generally accepted practice to require a potential power animal to show itself to you four times before it is accepted as a power animal. If you want a sign and are not sure whether or not the sign is real, ask for a secondary occurrance.

Sometimes the signs are without doubt an unusual and probably out of the ordinary experience. In those cases, asking for a secondary sign may be insulting to the spirit people. However, if the sign is subtle and there is doubt, by all means, ask for a follow up. In my previous tale of my client who received a phone call from his deceased daughter, that was an undeniable message from his daughter. Asking for a secondary message would obviously be unneccessary. But if there is doubt, don't rule it out, but ask for confirmation in another way, if you feel the need.

Have you received an undeniable sign from a loved one or Spirit helper?

I would love to hear about it!!

If you need an individual session with me, you can contact me HERE.

Let us live in awe every day of the world of the unseen, and, instead of looking with uncertainty and doubt, let us look at all the possibilities and synchronicities that make our lives abundant with joy and wonder!


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