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Setting Energetic Boundaries

We all hope it won't come to this.

Most of us in "woo woo world" try to be kind. We want to be of service. We see the good in everyone.

Every now and then someone comes into our lives and we get a little uneasy in the pit of our stomach. But we see the person's good and perfect soul and we think we can help them align with that wonderful and perfect aspect of themselves. We ignore the check in our gut. Perhaps we even think we got it wrong.

I am not always one to honor that gut feeling because on occasion I have truly been wrong and the person I felt uneasy about turned out to be perfectly innocent. I cannot explain why sometimes my gut tells me something is off and I never do figure out what it was but it does happen on occasion.

Normally I find that over time the gut feeling is more of a predictor of future problems than a character analysis.

But we have all ignored our gut feelings on occasion and then the inevitable happens.

Perhaps a relationship of some sort goes sour and we are forced to set a boundary. And immediately we realize that our boundary is met with huge resistance.

Our good, kind and generous soul wants to be kind. We want to allow that person the freedom to express their frustrations in a safe space but in the end, we are the ones who are beaten and bruised. Perhaps not physically, but mentally or emotionally or even spiritually.

So how do we set a boundary and how do we enforce it?

Obviously, boundaries are as varied as the relationships which create the need for them. If someone is abusive physically, mentally, or emotionally, it is important to remove ourselves from the abuse as soon as possible and contact law enforcement if the danger is volatile.

But what if the danger is a bit more elusive? What if we can't really put our finger on the intrusion, but we know it is there nevertheless?

Creating energetic boundaries is sometimes unfortunately a necessary part of our spiritual work.

There are a multitude of ways to set energetic boundaries. You may find it necessary to do when you can't just tell someone to leave you alone. Maybe you don't even know if there is a viable threat but you feel unsafe or uneasy.

The easiest way to set an energetic boundary is to align yourself with your highest good. All energy that is a vibrational match to you is allowed to enter your personal space. If you are not a vibrational match to negativity or harm, it will not be able to enter your experience.

Years ago when I had a "regular" job, I used to arrive at work twenty minutes early and declare what I was allowing in my energy field. It went something like this:

"In the name of the Light, I declare that I work and dwell in a peaceful and safe environment. I declare that the energy of peace love and joy creates a force field around me and only energy that is beneficial and aligned with my highest good is allowed in my energy field."

I would find sometimes that the angry customers ended up talking to someone else. I had customers cancel appointments or the phone would only ring when I left and went to lunch. I once had an extremely angry supervisor whose face would get red and she would walk up to me, hesitate, and then walk over and yell at another employee. (sorry other employee).

After I retired and began seeing clients full time, I once communicated to a client to try this in her home. She had separated from her husband but he refused to move out despite her being the one paying all the bills. She took me up on my suggestion, and the next day her husband moved out while she was at work.

There are other ways to create energetic boundaries, but I find declaring to the energies what is allowed and what is not allowed is the best way. You can sage. You can pour salt around your property. You can meditate and imagine a force field around you.

The most important ingredient in creating a boundary is love. You never scream or yell or shout at spirits or energies. You will only get back what you are putting out.

I also like the idea of sending blessings to your enemies while at the same time forbidding them from coming into your space. If you do create an energetic boundary, try reflecting the energy of love back to them while creating an energetic shield between you.

Sometimes in extreme circumstances you can station an Angel between you and the energy you are protecting yourself from.

There are other rituals you can perform, like blessing a necklace with protective energy and wearing it all the time. (I have a necklace my daughter blessed for me.) If necklaces aren't your thing, you can bless a crystal or anything, really, and carry it around with you. I have blessed a dollar bill and carry it around in my wallet to protect my identity and my finances.

The biggest key is your emotions. Don't allow yourself to feel fear. Fear is the food of the non-beneficial energies. Raise your vibration. Connect with the energy of love. Be firm with your intention to break any non-beneficial contracts or agreements. Send blessings to any people or animals or even spirits involved.

Remember that if you see a demon around every corner, you will constantly be harrassed. Focus on the positive and good. Remember that what you focus on grows. If you constantly feel harrassed by spirits or energies or people, you will perpetuate that experience. Focus on being in charge of your energy field and being a magnet to love, peace, joy, and your highest good. Send blessings to others and not curses. Release judgement, gossip, complaining, arguing, and anger.

I grew up in a faith that talked about the devil and demons and spiritual warfare a lot. We always felt like we were in a battle between good and evil. When I left that belief system I decided I was only focusing on the good. I quickly realized that I was not running into dark spirits anymore! It would be years before I ever ran into a non-beneficial entity when I decided to focus only on love and joy. When I finally did run into a non-beneficial spirit, I was able to use love to quickly transmute its energy.

Our greatest weapon against forces that seem to create chaos, danger, and even evil is love. Love is not energetically compatible with evil.

Always use love when creating boundaries, whether energetic or natural. Yes, you can tell someone you are cutting them off from your life while still wishing them well and sending them blessings for their highest good.

Love is the only rule and our greatest weapon.

Be kind.

As always, if you enjoy my blog posts, I also offer a message of the day on Facebook and Instagram. I do private sessions via phone, Zoom and in person in Winchester Virginia. I have monthly gatherings and classes and the occasional event where you can meet me in person. You can find links to my books, events, and appointment calendar HERE.

We are all in this together!

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