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Raising the Collective Vibration

We are living in chaotic times. The energy of division and strife is running rampant. People who were once fast friends now find themselves on opposite sides of the argument. What to do......

The energy of polarity and division has seemed to have formed its own consciousness. No matter who began the argument, it has become bigger than one person now.

On a more individual note, many are finding themselves facing seemingly insurmountable obstacles. Whether it is the loss of a loved one, loss of a job, health concerns, relationship difficulties, family divisions, racial, gender, or sexual discrimination or something else, many people on the planet today are finding themselves in dire straits.

It is so important to stand on the side of love.

How can we shine our light when there is so much darkness? how can we think of the challenges of others when we ourselves are facing our own times of crisis?

There is a simple meditation you can do to connect with the Divine Consciousness and shine the light of Divine Love and Light out into the atmosphere. As more and more of us shine the Light of Love, darkness will lose its power. Personally, we will begin to rise above the challenges of life.

You can start with just a few minutes a day. The longer you can hold the energy of the Divine in your heart, the better you will begin to feel and as your own energy field gets full of the Divine Energy, it will begin to spill out onto those around you and, ultimately the world.

Close your eyes.

Begin to turn your attention to your breath.

As you notice your breath filling your lungs and then releasing, relax your body. Release any tension that may be stored in your body.

Turn your attention to your heart. As you breathe in, imagine the feeling of love. Think about connecting your brain and your heart into one consciousness. Think about love.

If this seems hard, imagine that in the center of your chest is a big ball of Divine Light and Love. Imagine what this ball feels like inside your body. Does it have a sound? A taste? A smell? Is it warm or cool?

Try to hold your focus on this big beautiful ball of Divine Light and Love as long as you can.

You are not asking it for anything.

You are not sending it to yourself or anyone else.

Your only job is to hold the energy of the Divine inside your body as long as you can.

If your mind wanders, just smile and return your attention to the big ball of Divine Light.

Thank the Divine for connecting with you.

When you feel ready, open your eyes and go about your day.

This meditation can be short or long. After awhile, you will be able to go to that place of Love with your eyes open.

You can do it when you are sitting at a traffic light (keep your eyes open!)

You can do it when you are at the gym, or washing dishes, or watching the news (especially when you are watching the news!) You can do it when you are working, or at the grocery store, or at the Post Office. You can do it when you are looking into the eyes of your love, or your child, or your worst enemy.

Focus on the feeling of love inside your heart. If you want to see the ball of Light inside your chest, all the better.

One person focusing on the energy of Divine Light and Love raises the vibration 100 fold.

Think what will happen when we do this on a larger scale!

We have to begin to think larger than our differences and begin to see the things which make us the same. Believe it or not, we are all doing the best we can based on the information we have at any moment in time and the combination of thoughts, beliefs, emotions and life experiences which facilitated the way we interpret life around us. This does not release offenders from the consequences of faulty or non beneficial words or actions. It releases you from being tied up in that energy.

If it seems hard to lay down your worries, your concerns, your angers and frustrations, then just do it for a moment. You can go back and pick them back up if you need to. Just for this moment, lay down your difficulties and focus on love.

And so it is. All is well. Namaste.


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