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Pick a Card!

This week I thought I would do a pick a card message since Spirit didn't inspire me to write about anything in particular. These seem to be fairly popular. Next week I will have my April insights so tune in for that!

So you know the drill! Don't cheat and look at the second picture until you have done the first step!

Tune in to your soul, ask for the highest and best message for you at this particular time be given to you. Focus on these four cards. If you have a specific question, ask the question before choosing the card. See which one you are drawn to, and the read the message for that card below!

Great! Do you have your card?

Here is the card you chose.

If you chose card number 1, this is the best card for wishes come true! Whatever you have been hoping and dreaming for, is about to come into your reality. The only warning with this card is that if you asked about a person, this person may have it all together but he or she may have a bit of an ego. People are drawn to them but there could be something they are hiding. All in all a really great card but be careful of pride. This card could also be telling you that you have a great support system behind you. They have your back, for better or worse.

If you picked card number 2, a conversation is about to ensue with a woman who does not mince words. Or you may be that woman. This card says that it is not time to put on rose-colored glasses or sugar-coat the truth. Speak the truth with love. This could also be suggesting you need to make an appointment with a woman who uses her words for a living, like a therapist, lawyer, or maybe me!

Card number 3 is all about law, justice, or what is fair. This card suggests that if you have been struggling with some issues with the law or justice, the scales of justice are bringing about some sort of balancing of the scales or possibly some news of some sort. Possibly Spirit is saying that even when life feels unfair, remember that the law of cause and effect always ends up bringing about justice. In other words, everything always works out in the end.

Card number 4 suggests that if you are struggling with a decision or need to take action of some kind, there is something that seems to be halting forward progress or possibly you just can't make up your mind. If your question was about a person, caution is advised. You may not know all the facts yet or maybe that person is a bit indecisive. There is no need to rush into things just yet.

Overall, four great cards!

Remember that Spirit never tells you what to do and the messages are never set in stone! Tarot messages are meant to give you insight and guidance. It is up to you what you do with the information.

Thank you for checking in with me!

Do you need more personal perspective based on what is going on in your life? I do private readings by phone, Zoom and in person! I can give you a bit more insight as I tune into your energy field, converse with your loving ancestors and Spirit Guides and your Higher Self. We may just be able to clear out some blocks to your highest good so you are able to experience more joy and well-being in your life!

Speaking of well-being, my newest book is available on Amazon in Kindle and paperback now! This book assists you in tuning in to Spirit for yourself, giving you tools and exercises that are designed to align you with your highest good! You can try them for yourself or at least have an idea of what I do in my personal sessions with clients. If you are a healer, you may find a tool that you can use to enhance your healing work.

I have a lot of events and gatherings coming up in the spring! If you want to see where I am going to be or check out how to join my monthly gatherings, you can find out everything you need to know here!

See you next week when I chat about the energies of April!


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