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Numerology and Other Tools of Divination

Numerology is the study of numbers and how specific important numbers like our birthday, for example, give us clues about our strengths, our weaknesses, our purpose for being here, and even what days are best for shopping or getting married.

Imagine planning, as a soul, your projected earth life. You are deciding on important aspects of earth life, such as strengths, weaknesses, your soul purpose, your mission in life, and even possibly your exit point. I do believe that some important events in our lives are fated, and some are changable, but that is not the subject of this blog.

So, as a soul, you know that once you get to earth you are probably going to forget all of this planning. Yes, you come in with your spirit helpers, making suggestions and urging you to take one path rather than another, and you come in with your internal guidance system, your gut feelings, but you also know that you may be programmed by your loved ones and early experiences not to trust those feelings.

What to do?

In comes numerology, astrology, tarot, signs and wonders, dreams, syncronicity, deja vu, and other out-of-the-ordinary methods for divining or predicting your life.

Today we will discuss numerology.

I look at these methods of divination as guidemaps for our soul. They are our GPS to get us to where we are going.

Where are we going? You ask.

I do like that mantra: "the journey is the destination" and I do agree somewhat.

However, I also believe that this is not the first time we have incarnated, and we don't always get it right. We also sometimes come in to resolve issues that have plagued our bloodline or to accomplish certain assignments we are given while we are on the other side.

Numerology is one of the tools we have to learn about ourselves and our reason for being here.

We can't really cover all aspects of numerology here, but I want to cover a few basic principles.

The first principle is that our soul, when deciding to reincarnate, is aware of what maps exist. In other words, if we choose to be born in the U.S., and to a family that adheres to a certain belief system, a particular map is going to be used. At some point as we awaken, we may adopt a different map.

I was born into Christianity and numerology was one of those tools that was banned or thought to be a tool of the devil, so I did not have access to this particular map until I had shed some of the limiting beliefs of my inherited religion. However, my introduction to numerology was actually at a Pentecostal Holiness camp right here in Virginia. My best friend and I used to love to drive two hours south to this camp because they had some amazing prophets who gave accurate and evidential messages to anyone who showed up and got in line. One day we went and a visiting preacher was lecturing on the significance of the number 8. Now about twenty five years later, I still remember the message. That is because his message set me on a different path and promised me a new beginning if I only would answer the call. I am pretty sure the call was not what he intended, but it was the beginning for me.

It would take an entire book to explain all the meanings of each number or combination of numbers. This is a tool that I have honed over time. I became obsessed with numbers and read all of the different perspectives on numerology and then, over time, developed my own relationship to the energy around each number.

I like to say it is easier than astrology because there are only ten numbers. However, the combination of numbers is just as significant as the individual ones.

So the second principle is this: don't take what someone else says as "gospel truth." Sometimes your relationship to a tool is going to be different from someone else's. In other words, over time, we create our own map!

But, as a rule, the basic components of numerology are pretty much the same. Here are the very basic meanings of each number.

  1. 1. New beginnings, leadership, self realization, but sometimes a lonely number

  2. 2. Connection, nurturing, taking care of others, connection to the Divine Feminine

  3. 3. Expression, creativity, movement, manifestation, indecision, lack of commitment, fun

  4. 4. Stability, hard work, rules, foundations, order, structure, organization

  5. 5. Movement, quick and unpredictable changes, inability to stand still or grow roots

  6. 6. Relationships, karma, freedom, choices

  7. 7. Spirituality, knowledge, overcoming obstacles, introspection

  8. 8. Self empowerment, money, power

  9. 9. Endings, completions, helping others, finishing what others start, a higher purpose in life

And then we have the number 0. This is the number of wholeness, completeness, and connection to the Divine.

Numerology can give you a basic overview of your life purpose, your goals, your strengths and weaknesses, but it can also be specific enough to let you know which days you can go shopping, work out in your yard, clean house, travel, or plan fun adventures.

Numerology is not the only tool for telling you these things! I also like to choose a card of the day, which I post on my Facebook page and Instagram.

We all have our favorite tools or guidemaps. It is important to choose a tool that resonates with you! I have learned that the guidemaps work whether you believe in them or not! I can look back on time periods in my life and calculate what "year" I was in according to numerology and point to certain events that happened that reflected the theme predicted by numerology.

Find your tool or find someone like me to assist you in navigating your journey. Yes, you are the master and creator of your life. You can choose what paths you take and what experiences you have to a certain degree. But your guidemap was created by your soul before you were born, so why not utilize the map and experience the life you decided beforehand to experience?


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