November - The Quest for Truth

As I tune in to the energies of November, I am feeling an intensity and urgency to discover truth.

This coincides with my go-to tools, numerology and tarot.

November is a 7 month (1+1+2+0+2+1). In numerology 7 is the number of truth and knowledge, but also a very spiritual number. Many religions and belief systems assign much importance on the number 7. That is because knowledge and truth is paramount as we navigate our lives. As we gain knowledge, we come closer to the truth of the Cosmos.

Here in the U.S. we are very divided in our beliefs and our understanding of truth. Conspiracy theories and even our news media often portrays two very different perspectives on reality and truth. Depending on which news you pay attention to, your understanding of truth is completely different. You are receiving bits and pieces of information and told what conclusions to draw based upon the information that is provided to you. This may really come into focus this month as the battle for truth telling escalates. We are also facing an election early on in November. The side that wins is the side that has convinced enough people of their version of the truth. I am not here to predict any outcomes or whose side will "win" or even which side I am inclined to side with.

In the tarot, the seventh card is the Chariot.