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Message from the Guides

I rarely post my blog on Saturday, but I decided to go ahead and post this message I received from my Guides.

I received this message while meditating and decided it must be important enough to go ahead and publish right away.

Although the energy this year feels much better than last year, without any effort on our part, there is still a shift that needs to occur. The Guides have a suggestion for facilitating the change, both in your own life and as a collective human race.


The world is at a pivotal time in history. The struggle between the light and the dark is real. Despite the doomsayers and the Pollyanna’s, the end has not yet been determined. Moment by moment, collectively you are creating the outcome.

The good news is, the light is dawning and many are waking up to the knowledge that the beliefs that have held them captive are all an illusion. This is true power.

You are not just an individual in this struggle for power. Many have said that money and power are holding all the cards. In the coming days and weeks you will begin to see cracks in that wall. When the light begins to shine in the corners, it shines and exposes all who would attempt to hide their darkness.

But you must not get caught up in this struggle. You must stand in the light of truth and anchor in and channel the light from above even while the conflict rages around you. Do not be distracted by what is happening around you. Pay no attention to it. Stand tall and hold the light.

How do I do this, you ask?

You do it by intention. You close your eyes. Imagine a column of light that streams down from the Highest of Highest and connects down through the top of your head straight down through you into the earth realm. You stand tall. You allow this light to penetrate the land upon which you stand. You do not have to travel to far places where you see the darkness raging. The currents of energy under the ground will carry the light where it needs to go.

Use your own individual spiritual practice to anchor in the Light. Do not engage in conflict with others who are shining the light in their own way because it is different from you. Time and space are not factors in holding the light. Yes, you can send the light into the past and into the future with your intention. Send it to your children and your grandchildren in the future as they continue the work you are doing now.

You do not need to direct the light to go here or there or go to this cause or that cause, although you can if that is your fancy. If you anchor in the light into the earth beneath your feet, it will connect with the light that is being transmitted by others and it will spread to those areas that are in need of the light. People around you will begin to awaken. Policies will begin to change. Weather patterns may be affected.

Know this. Your own world will begin to change. As you shine the Light of Light, your own shadows will begin to fall away. Your families and the people around you will begin to have the need to adjust to make room for more light. Disagreements and dramas that have plagued you in the past will begin to become less of a focus and you will begin to let go of petty grievances and slights that once triggered you.

Let go of your attachment to particular causes. Don’t demonize those who see the world from a different perspective. Send light to all without judgment and without an attachment to a particular outcome. If you must have an outcome to focus on, let that outcome be the highest good for everyone concerned.

This was the end of the message. If it resonates with you, I hope you will carve out some time in your day to channel in Light energy into our world.

Blessed be.


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