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Meeting Your Spirit Guides

Ever wonder who is that whisper in your ear when you are just about to drift off to sleep? That falling feather out of the sky, that perfectly placed penny just in the perfect spot for you to notice, that nudge to take a right at the next light, only to find out that if you had gone straight, you may have run straight into a traffic jam?

As souls, we are not on our own in this chaos called life. We have a team of spirit helpers cheering us on, pushing us when we need motivation, brushing the tears from our eyes when we weep, and perfectly placing signs all around to let us know to take this path and not that one. They love us, they weep with us, laugh with us, and offer us comfort in our times of distress.

Many of us want to know who their guides are, what are their names, what do they look like, and what will they do and what will they not do?

The truth is, guide is a very general term. We all have a team of spirit helpers. Some are what are commonly known as Angels, some are our loved ones on the other side, some are beings from other places or other dimensions who may or may not have ever lived in human form. And then, of course, there are animal spirit guides. Some are the spirits of our beloved pets and some are connected to the soul of species of animals, birds, or even insects.

Our ability to sense our spirit helpers depends on our vibration. We have to shift our consciousness to a particular frequency so we can feel or sense their presence. Because we often don't live our waking lives in that frequency, often they send us messages through signs, dreams, or out of the ordinary experiences. If a crow flies over your head once, that may not grab your attention, but if it flies in your window or swoops down in front of you, you may notice. Your spirit guides know that they may have to send multiple signs before you pay attention.

Spirit Guides are not usually that interested in recognition. They normally really don't care if you know their name or where they came from. You could call them Sam or Joe and they will be perfectly happy. The important thing is to recognize and acknowledge the information that comes through.

Remember that there are a lot of energies flying around out there. Not all spirit forms are beneficial or have your best interests at heart. The most important thing to remember is that your benevolent helpers will never tell you what to do!! They don't try to scare you or hurt you in any way. They will offer guidance or comfort and attempt to remind you why you are here. They don't normally scream in your ear. Usually their guidance is subtle and often easily overlooked. It is that first impression that often gets overrun by second guessing or our overriding ego.

Your life is your creation! Every moment is not completely planned out ahead of time. The best way to know if you are headed in the right direction is to go with that gut feeling inside. How do you feel when you think about a decision?

As I write this, I have a Hallmark movie in the background and just at this moment, the male main character says to the female main character that the best way to know which decision is best is to flip a coin. At the moment the coin is in the air, pay attention to which side you hope comes up, and that is the right answer.

That is your internal guidance system.

Is it one of your Guides whispering in your ear or is it the voice of your soul?

Does it matter?

We don't have to acknowledge the presence of our guides in order for them to assist us. They are our coaches, our cheerleaders, our comforters and our advisors. They are not the main characters of our story! We are!

If you would like to connect with a guide, just ask!

Set aside some time to be alone, consciously raise your awareness to a higher frequency and invite them to come in and introduce themselves. Be open to what you experience. Always ask for the highest and most benevolent and evolved guide to come through. Open your senses to what you see, what you hear, smell or feel. Write down your impressions.

Remember that you are a vibrational being, and so are your guides. So is every energy form! In order to make a connection with a benevolent force, it is important to raise your frequency.

What does that even mean?

If you made a scale from 1 to 10, assigning an emotion to each number, one would symbolize hatred, murderous thoughts, revenge, etc. and 10 would be complete ecstacy or joy. We all live somewhere in between. In order to connect to your highest available guides, it is important to raise yourself to the highest emotional frequency you can. In that way you will be connecting to the highest guide available to make contact with you at this point in time.

The most important thing to remember when connecting with your guides is that the connection should make you feel good. You should feel more empowered to live your best life. If you are struggling, connecting with guides will offer you hope and fresh perspective.

It is not necessary to connect with guides in order to access guidance. You can use tools such as signs, books. cards, or dreams in order to receive guidance. You can thank your higher wisdom for the information that comes through. Many times our guides use tools in order to communicate messages. You may hear a line from a song on the radio, or hear a clip from a movie (such as the previously mentioned one). or have a significant dream.

The key to connecting with your guides is to pay attention. Notice what you notice. Be open to guidance. Feel what you feel.

Sit in silence regularly. Access the sense of awe you feel at sunset or when you when you look into the eyes of your child or while standing in a sacred space. As you access that sense of awe, feel it in your body. Allow it to permeate your soul.

You are connected.

Sit in that space of awe and pay attention.

Don't be disappointed if at first you don't notice or feel anything. Sometimes it takes practice.

Be open to living your life in a higher frequency. In your day to day existence, pay attention to your emotions. When you live in a state of turmoil, depression, or anger, you will probably attract to you difficult experiences and challenges on a regular basis. The more you live in a state of awe, gratitude, and love, the better you will feel and the happier you will be. Life will become more enjoyable. Even when you experience challenges, you will be able to push through and feel peace despite the circumstances.

If this seems difficult, you may benefit from a private soul healing session. You can contact me for details or to set up an appointment. You may have some sort of energetic block to experiencing your highest good. Your Guides may come through and introduce themselves.

Remember you have available help navigating this journey called life.

You are not alone.

You are loved.

All is well.

And that is enough.


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