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July Forecast

To me, July is all about summer days, some perhaps sitting by the pool, or at the beach, being outside, warm days, and evenings sitting outside just taking in life. Obviously, there is that thing called life, which sometimes interferes. Work schedules, kids out of school, and all kinds of outside factors sometimes steal away at our time, and the end of summer comes and we have not yet taken time to enjoy it!

June was a strange month energetically. When I looked back over what I had written for the energies of June, I realized that almost everything I had hinted around at had occurred, including parts of each of the cards I presented.

July is the seventh month in a seven year (2+0+2+3). Seven is not necessarily an easy number. Some people consider it lucky, and others consider it challenging. Seven is the number of thought, of higher ways of thinking and doing. It is the number of addressing the challenges that keep you from moving forward in life. In my last seven year, my dad passed away. In the one before that, my first grandchild was born under a challenging set of circumstances. Although he was and is a gift, it was not an easy time for my relationship to my daughter and it was not an easy time for her to become a mother.

If you add the seven for July to the seven for 2023, you arrive at fourteen (14). The one and the four add up to five (5).

A lot of numerologists consider all of the "teen" numbers (thirteen, fourteen etc) karmic numbers. Four being the number of rules, law, structure, foundations, hard work, and difficulties and one being the number of self-realization, new beginnings, and illumination, if you have any unhealed wounds or unfinished business, you may need to address those things this month, or they will be addressed for you, perhaps suddenly or unexpectedly (the five energy!)

When five is present, nothing is guaranteed. Five is the number of changes. These changes can be beneficial or not, depending on your own personal set of circumstances, but one thing is for sure, something is going to change!

In the tarot, the 14 card is Temperance and the 5 card is the hierophant.

Temperance is all about balance. This card is suggesting that you find some balance in your life, and if you don't, that unpredictable 5 energy is going to come a callin'. As you can see, the Angel has one foot on land and one in water, while pouring water from one vessel to another. The sun is either rising or setting in the background.

This card is indicating something is changing purely by the position of the sun in the background. It is suggesting the need to consider more than one factor when contemplating life or making decisions about your life. Maybe this card is suggesting you consider other people's emotions (cups and water symbolism) when you are living your life. Maybe some new perspective is called for and maybe seeing things through other people's perspective.

The five card is the Hierophant. This is typically the card of beliefs and community service. It is putting aside your own needs for a greater cause, but also challenges you to examine what you believe, why you believe it, and even who you put your trust in and why you do this. It seems to put a significant focus on the difference between the guy in the red robe and his or her followers.

Many times there is a disparity between the lifestyle of our leaders and the general public. It sometimes feels like our leaders have no idea how a regular person lives out their day-to-day life. It is time to re-examine who we put up on a pedestal or to whom we give the gift of power! Those who find themselves in a position of leadership need to realize that with great power comes great responsibility.

This month may be a good month to consider your purpose in life or do some acts of kindness that benefit others. Take some time to get outside in nature or find balance in your life if life has been chaotic.

If we were to look at these two cards together, rather than separately, Temperance and the Hierophant is suggesting that if you have a spiritual practice, be sure that you are balanced. Don't be spending so much time in the world of Spirit that you forget you are a human being living on Earth. Take time to enjoy your life. If you are not spiritual, then maybe explore some spiritual aspect of living life. You don't have to be religious, but maybe just contemplate your spiritual beliefs or practices or lack of them in order to give you some perspective in life. This month may be a month to marry your spiritual practice with everyday life.

Now take a moment to look at these cards and see which one speaks to you, then scroll down and read the accompanying interpretation. Last month I noticed that every single card happened to me in some way, so maybe read through them all!

With the unpredictable 5 energy this month, there is a lot of potential for surprising or unexpected events to shake up your world, but 5 is not a number to be afraid of! It is believed that higher intelligent beings like Angels and Ascended Masters come from the fifth dimension of reality, and we may even have ancient ancestors who reside there as well. If you are on a path to raise your frequency and live in a higher state of being, July may be the month when you have some sort of spontaneous or unexpected spiritual experience!

Okay, let's talk about the card you chose!

As you can see in card number 1, there seems to be a bit of conflict going on. Sometimes this card symbolizes a friendly competition, a game of some sort, or even kids fighting. If there is a conflict, it is not life changing. It can be the card of petty arguments or competing with someone for maybe a job or position in a company. No specific outcome is predicted from this card, only the possibility of a bit of a disagreement.

Card number 2 represents how connected we are with our sense of abundance. In July it is unlikely this card represents snow, but there is the possibility of bad weather. We may feel abandoned or separated from someone important to us, who we admire or look up to. We may have a financial setback of some kind. Sometimes this card predicts that weather prevents you from attending an event of some kind or maybe you or someone else cancels the event. The thought is that you are separate from something or someone important. One or more of these possibilities may show up this month.

Card number 3 also can predict a conflict, but this one is more serious. There may be a parting of the ways or separation. Someone may decide to leave a volatile environment. This also can indicate bad weather, but the storm would be a bit more serious. Obviously storms can be literal or emotional. If you are in a chaotic or violent environment, it may be important to remove yourself either temporarily or perhaps permanently.

Card number 4 is the card of grieving a loss. The loss can be any kind of loss, really. It could be from someone moving away, a break up, a death, or even the loss of a pet. If you notice in this picture there is water flowing under a bridge. When we say something is "water under the bridge" we are saying that it is time to let go of the past. There is nothing you can do, so it is important to move on with your life. Literally, you may go somewhere to be alone, and there may be water flowing under a bridge. Sometimes these cards are quite literal!

As I write these card descriptions, I notice that none of them are really predicting happiness or a celebration of any kind. Remember that these cards are considered "minor" in that they are more about the day-to-day experiences in life. Most "minor" cards don't predict life-changing events, but rather they are all about things we experience while we are just doing life. Now, obviously, if you need to escape a volatile situation or there is a parting of the ways, these things are pretty life-changing.

I guess what I am trying to say is: don't be afraid of what may happen in July. Fear only brings bad experiences into our lives. Align with your highest good, surrender to things you have no power to change, change the things you can, and live life with the expectation that everything happens exactly the way it should. If life does not hand over sunshine and rainbows, then breathe, fill yourself with Divine Love and Light, and get through it. Try to lend a helping hand or a shoulder for others to cry on if you are in the position to assist others. The Hierophant and the Temperance card are suggesting that the Divine Presence will be there to help you through whatever comes your way or those you love.

The thing about life is that bad things don't happen to everyone at the same time. There may be natural disasters, wars, and big events that affect large groups of people, but there are always those who are not affected by these things, and it is up to these people to assist those who are going through difficult life experiences. If you are in a good place this month, try to offer assistance to someone who is struggling. It could be as simple as calling 911 when you see someone in need, (this just happened to me!), offering a word of advice or kindness, or donating food or other items to a relief organization.

If you focus your attention on your spiritual practice and have a little fun time as well, these other cards may well be minor occurances. If they do prove to be more than that, you will have the peace of mind to get through them.


Thank you for your interest in my perspective and the words of wisdom my Guides offer during the course of writing these insights.

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