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Full Moon / Mercury Retrograde Energy

Feeling intense?

This week we have a couple of astrological events that are back-to-back and they may have you feeling a little off-center.

On September 9, Mercury goes retrograde in Libra (Virgo if you follow the procession of the equinox version of astrology). Either way, Mercury retrograde symbolizes a time to slow down, watch your tongue, take care with travel, technology and contracts, and perhaps take some time to reassess your situation. It happens to have a difficult aspect to Jupiter, which is the planet of expansion. Whatever you focus on during the time of this aspect is likely to be expanded, especially in relationship to the general themes of the Mercury retrograde, which are travel, communications, and technology.

Recently my Guides have been talking to me about the thing we all know but sometimes forget:

What you focus on, grows.

One of the challenges with looking into the future, whether it is via astrology, tarot cards, or various other divination techniques is that if the planets and stars, or the cards, whichever the case may be, predicts something challenging, we have a tendency to panic, or to go through life waiting for the other shoe to drop. Although I do not necessarily sugar-coat my readings with my clients, I try to offer them hope and possibly a plan of action even while facing a challenge. When the stars and the planets start aligning in particular ways and predicting a challenging event or time period, we have a tendency to walk through life with a feeling of apprehension.

This is not helpful!

I was reading for a client recently who is housing some of her family who are refugees from Ukraine. This has put a tremendous strain on her, both financially, emotionally, and energetically. She is struggling in more ways than one. The Guides suggested to her that instead of assisting with the attitude of obligation, as if it is her duty and obligation to assist her family, to do it out of a heart of love. When we give to others out of obligation or even an expectation of recriprocation in some way, it limits the Universe when it is time for karma to repay the favor. Even Jesus said that when we give our "alms" in front of everyone, so that we are seen and recognized, we have received whatever reward we had coming to us. But when we give from love without expectation of being recognized or repaid, the energy of the exchange shifts. The love we give will always be returned many times over. On the other hand, when we give to those who feel in some way entitled to receive from us or who don't show gratitude, then our gifts to them become more of an enabling pattern, where we are blocking them from achieving self-mastery.

I like to make my husband's coffee in the morning. I personally don't drink coffee, but many mornings, not all, I will get his coffee ready for him. He frequently says to me that I don't have to make his coffee. He is perfectly capable of doing it, but thanks me for my kindness. My reply is often that the day he expects me to make his coffee will be the last time I do it.

Do your acts of kindness out of love and not because you feel it is your duty. Wish kindness to those who are suffering. Don't boast about your generosity. And when the recipient of your kindness begins to expect you to continually bail them out, let that be the last time you do it.

What does this have to do with Mercury Retrograde and the full moon?

The Jupiter aspect of all this has to do with expansion. This weekend whatever you focus on will likely be expanded. When presented with whatever life throws at you, what do you want expanded? Do you want arguments expanded? Do you want computer issues expanded? Or do you want love expanded? Do you want your feelings of self-empowerment expanded?

Sometimes we find it necessary to be a little bit selfish when our batteries get low. It is okay to say no! Don't worry if you think it is a little bit selfish to tell people in your life you need a break. Self-care is just as important as being of service to others. If you have no life force inside yourself, you have nothing left to give! If you need a little vacation from the drama, then take a little time to get away. I used to call it my "running away from home" time.

I happen to be one of those lucky souls who was born during a Mercury retrograde. This could have explained my shyness and lack of communication skills as a child and young adult. However, just as Mercury retrograde only lasts about three weeks, I have emerged from the shadow of the retrograde and now communication is my thing! This does not mean I cannot be affected by a Mercury Retrograde, but it may explain why I seem to have a love-hate relationship with electronics. Mercury Retrogrades often get a bad rap! We fear them, we chat about our phone acting up, our electronic issues, the arguments we had with someone we love, the travel issues we experienced.

Why not try to look for the blessings in this Mercury Retrograde? Look for ways in which it has the opportunity to bless you.

When the full moon shows up the following day, look back over the past two weeks since the new moon and speak out gratitude for all those situations in your life which have given you the opportunity to grow as a soul. The full moon symbolizes the light that shines on our dark places, the things we ignore, the things we try to hide, both from others and from ourselves.

It was during a period of time when my Shamanic mentor had me sitting with each phase of the moon for four cycles, that the moon told me it was time to stop hiding. It was time to shine my light. I was content doing readings and healings on the down-low, so as not to offend anyone. I had a blog, but I only had about twenty readers. My extremely religious family had no idea.

What are you hiding about yourself? Maybe it is time to shine the light on the wonderful, amazing soul that you are. This doesn't mean you need to go out and quit your job to follow your passion, but maybe it does! For me, I continued to work at the post office for many years before embarking upon this path full-time. There is no right answer for everyone. But what it does mean is that you stop hiding the wonderful, amazing soul that you are! Be your best self! Shine the light of your soul! Be the best store clerk, postal employee, carpenter, or bee keeper that you can be! Have compassion. Be kind.

We can all change the world by doing small acts of kindness. Pick up the litter on your street. Recycle. Buy a reusable straw. Send the energy of love to someone you don't like and then don't get mad when their life gets better!

Use this time of intense energy being poured down from the Universe to recharge your batteries and shine your light! Ask yourself what gives you joy and then do more of that!

I love what Esther Hicks of Abraham-Hicks says. "I am going to be very very very happy. And then I am going to do whatever I have time to do after that."

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